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Outbound Acceleration Platform


A venture firm investing in B2B Cloud & SaaS startups


Your opportunity to gain exposure from our amazing community

Digital Marketing & UX, eCommerce, Identity


Growing businesses by creating experiences people love.

Sales Sleek

Sales CRM Platform for B2B Teams


Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software


Sales Performance Management & Incentive Compensation

Tech London Advocates

A world-class hub for tech and digital businesses.


Reveal the decisive moments of your sales conversations.

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Sales Confidence is a London-based community of SaaS sales professionals and founders, the largest in Europe. If you are looking to get exposure to this market, then this is the place to go to.


We run bi-monthly events (attended by 100-300 professionals), weekly newsletters, the largest blog on SaaS in the world and lots of additional activities.


Sales Confidence really is the go-to-portal for everything SaaS.

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