Sales Confidence Podcast EP.6

Renn Vara, Co-Founder at SNP Communications with James Ski

We are super excited to have had Renn Vara on the podcast and hope that you can benefit from what he has brought to us with this episode. Hope you all enjoy it!

About our guest

Renn Vara, Co-Founder at SNP Communications took some time out of his immensely busy schedule, in which he advises founders and top leaders of some of the biggest companies globally, to cram as much wisdom into a 40 minute space as possible, and he didn’t disappoint. Renn started in the days of Silicon Valley, and has learned from the best. In this podcast we’ve received some of our deepest and most profound insights and we know you’re going to want to be hooked pretty quickly. Take a listen!

Sales Confidence Podcast

Our aim is to unlock the heart, mind and story behind the founders, sales leaders and industry experts that help elevate the sales profession. James Ski is focused on bringing out the authentic story of your journey by uncovering your DNA to understand how it drives your decisions, thinking and dreaming to inspire, educate and motivate our listeners. Honest, reflective answers are best.

The interview promises to be fun and engaging as well as giving you a chance to share your company and personal perspective on the future of sales.

About SNP Communication

We are communicators. Writers, teachers, journalists, students of leadership. We’re committed to service, accountability, and curiosity. It’s in our nature.

We believe strong communication skills make an average leader truly great.

And it’s more than words. It’s a way of thinking, of solving problems. A focus on values, doing the right thing and knowing that by doing so, leaders build companies to inspire the world. We’re dedicated to that type of leader.

For more than twenty-five years, we’ve worked with founders of startups and leaders in iconic technology companies. We’ve had the privilege of witnessing the process and pitfalls of fast-growth and scaling from our base in Silicon Valley to New York City, Dublin, Ireland, and throughout Europe and Asia.

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