Sales Confidence Podcast EP.7

Henrique Aragao, VP & GM EMEA at G2 with James Ski

We are super excited to have had Henrique Aragao on the podcast and hope that you can benefit from what he has brought to us with this episode. Hope you all enjoy it!

About our guest

Henrique Moniz de Aragao has been a hugely successful individual in the industry for a number of years, having graduated from LSE, he spent three years in high ranking positions at Salesforce before joining G2 – Henrique demonstrates his self awareness in this podcast and shared his insights for you to listen t – well worth a watch!

Sales Confidence Podcast

Our aim is to unlock the heart, mind and story behind the founders, sales leaders and industry experts that help elevate the sales profession. James Ski is focused on bringing out the authentic story of your journey by uncovering your DNA to understand how it drives your decisions, thinking and dreaming to inspire, educate and motivate our listeners. Honest, reflective answers are best.

The interview promises to be fun and engaging as well as giving you a chance to share your company and personal perspective on the future of sales.

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