B2B SaaS Sales & Revenue Leaders & Managers Talks Evening Event

Spend time networking with London’s top SaaS Founders and Sales Leaders and learn how to generate more revenues,
overachieve your targets and increase the valuation of your business.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool St, London, EC2M 7QN


Martin Moran

Martin Moran

NED, Concentra Analytics

Shabri Lakhani

Shabri Lakhani

Founder, SalesWorks

Sara Brooks

Sara D. Brooks

VP of Sales, Pleo

Nicole Brooky

Nicole Brooky

General Manager, Receipt Banks

James Ski

James Ski

Founder, Sales Confidence & SaaS Growth

About the event

This is a unique, invite-only event for SaaS founders, sales managers and sales leaders in London. This is a chance to hear from sales leaders, founders and VCs how they are achieving success and what you can learn from them.

We want to connect you with like-minded people from Snapchat, Linkedin, Duedil, Huddle, PeakOn, Qualtrics, Microsoft, Salesforce, Zendesk and many, many more companies at the heart of the digital economy please come along.

Evening schedule


Drinks and Networking on arrival


Opening James Ski, Founder & Lauren Cartigny, COO, Sales Confidence


Speaker ‘7 Minute Talks’

Speaker 1Martin Moran – NED Concentra Analytics
Managing the board, investors and executive team effectively

Speaker 2Shabri Lakhani, Founder, SalesWorks
Structure, process and hiring effectively inside sales development teams

Speaker 3Sara (Davar) Brooks, VP of Sales, Pleo
Building a winning culture in a fast-growing financial services saas business

Speaker 4Nicole Brooky, General Manager, Receipt Banks
Building success and diverse sales teams in hypergrowth while up-levelling

Speaker 5James Ski, Founder, Sales Confidence & SaaS Growth
How to achieve your sales leadership career growth goals & business growth dreams in 2020

Panel – Martin, Shabri, Nicole & James


Announcement of the ‘TOP 50 Sales Leaders UK – 3rd Annual List’

The Top 10 UK Sales Leaders will be handed rewards and you will network with the rest


More Drinks and Networking

Additional notes:

We only have the capacity for 200 people on this occasion. All attendees will be screened for relevance to the SaaS industry and be given access to the invite-only ‘Sales Confidence’ Facebook and Linkedin groups. It’s for this reason we charge a nominal fee. Drinks and Food are included.

Diamond sponsors

Salesloft – the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers.

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