Why it works to get revenue leaders together at #saasgrowthsummit19

When you bring sales, marketing, enablement and ops together, the benefits are massive. That’s why, at the first-ever SaaSGrowth Summit, we’re doing things a little differently.

Most business events operate in a narrow niche. It works for attendees and exhibitors alike. When you go to one of these events you know you’re going to hear talks that are super-relevant, while exhibitors know that there will be a large proportion of people there that they can try and sell to. Great.

The first-ever SaaSGrowth Summit is going to be different, however. We’re doing something totally unique. Rather than stage an event just for sales leaders, or marketing heads, top practitioners in sales enablement or operations, we’re opening our doors to everyone. We call leaders in these sectors ‘revenue leaders’, because revenue is the result, directly or indirectly, of everything they do.

You may wonder why we’re doing this. You may think that by trying to cater to everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Let me explain why getting all revenue leaders together works.

A clear vision

#saasgrowthsummit19 isn’t like any other event you’ve heard of. We’re putting it together with one clear aim; for revenue leaders in the tech space to educate themselves on the thousands of sales technologies appearing on the market.

Whether you are from sales, marketing, sales ops or sales enablement, you can find value in our unique insights on industry best practices. From collaborating, learning and guiding, the SaaSGrowth summit will show you the most successful ways of choosing, implementing, adopting and scaling sales technologies to accelerate growth in your business.

· Choose the right tools to support your go-to-market strategy

· Integrate with your existing sales process and methodologies

· Facilitate your sales teams’ adoption of new sales tools

· Create a collaborative change management team across departments

· Define which sales tools are best-suited to the problems you are trying to solve

When you get everyone in the room, it suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

Get all the decision-makers together as we plan for 2020

It’s hard to believe, but in my experience, an organisation’s revenue leaders don’t all get together in the same room very often. That’s the sales leaders, marketing, enablement, sales ops; they’re all working away on their own missions, but they rarely stop to see how they relate to each other.

For example, your sales ops people are deep in the data, dealing with enrichment and ensuring their data is of a high enough quality. This brings benefit to the sales organisation, but do they really share the same objectives as a sales leader, who may be more about the art of sales than the science? Marketing departments often have a significant influence over the choice of technologies for your sales stack, even if it’s primarily the sales teams that will be using it.

As we start planning our strategies for the next year, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to get everyone together so we can share information and discuss how sales tech can bring benefit to all?

Come together around shared goals

No matter what department you are in; sales, marketing or anything else, if you’re a revenue leader you’re facing one specific challenge: How do you choose the right technology based on the maturity of your organisation?

Then, once you’ve made your choice, you have to consider how you will implement it successfully.

For successful implementation, your sales and marketing departments have to come together around common goals relating to:

· Revenue

· Data

· People

At #saasgrowthsummit19, we’re going to bring all these revenue leaders together and show you how to do it.

Educate each other

If there is a disconnect between revenue leaders operating in different departments, you can solve it by learning from each other. At the SaaSGrowth Summit, revenue leaders will be able to watch talks from world-class practitioners from all of these different areas of revenue generation. Speakers include:

· Christelle Fraysse — Chief Marketing Officer, Workbooks

· Marissa White — Director of Revenue Operations, PerkBox

· Liz Meuse — Manager of Global Sales Development, Hootsuite

They will help you see the challenges of selecting sales technology from the other side of the fence. You’ll understand how having the right tools in your organisation can benefit you, as well as the impact it will have on other areas of the business.

See you there

Great things happen when people of different areas of expertise get together. That’s why we’ve put #saasgrowthsummit19 together in the way we have.

We hope that if you’re a revenue leader, you’ll be there.

· Friday November 22nd

· 0830–1500

· Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool St, London

To find out more and to grab the last few tickets to the event, visit the SaaSGrowth Summit website now.

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