Why did I start Sales Confidence?

My SaaS story
Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with tales of my school days or anything like that. I want to tell you why I’m fanatical about sales and the Saas industry.
Back in 2009 (wow, was it really that long ago?) I started working at Huddle, which you may know is a team collaboration app. I was in charge of selling Huddle’s solutions to large enterprises, pitching at C-Suite and board level. I also got to set up Huddle’s first outbound sales team, comprising of 6 hungry SDR’s.
I loved every minute of it. It was great being part of such a fast-moving industry. You could see a tech revolution happening before your eyes. Every day there seemed to be something new happening. I was hooked.
Nerding out
I got to play with new and exciting SaaS tech. I got stuck into Salesforce, Zendesk, Gainsight, and more. I was fascinated to see how they made life easier for us salespeople, and how they strived to improve every day, just like we did. I wanted to find out more about the people who had the vision for these life-changing pieces of software, so I followed all the SaaS founders I could find.
I found myself drawn further into this world. I discovered TechCrunch and Business Insider. I learned about Predictable Revenue. I heard about the goings-on at Y Combinator, and found out what a unicorn was. I was definitely becoming a SaaS geek!
However, as far as I could see, all these exciting people and all these amazing events, were outside of the UK. I wanted to devour information on the SaaS industry that was super-relevant to me, in London. There didn’t seem to be anything. Aha moment! Light bulb etc…
Presenting Sales Confidence
I decided to start something myself, which became Sales Confidence.
Sales Confidence is the voice of the SaaS sales community in the UK. We recognise the importance of SaaS sales in driving the digital economy in this country, and we want to help move it forward.
We want Sales Confidence to be a movement, helping the next generation of SaaS sales leaders learn and develop. We want the London and UK SaaS industry to continue competing with the best in Silicon Valley. We hope to provide the information and tools to make this happen.
I want Sales Confidence to inspire B2B SaaS sales leaders, and those who want to learn from them and join them.
The mission is to connect 10,000 sales leaders and sales people by the end of 2017. Will you be one of them?
Why Sales Confidence?
Why did I choose the name Sales Confidence? Well, sometimes I think we salespeople get a bit of a bad press. It’s time to start owning the word ‘sales’ again.
Sales is the fundamental driver of any business. In fact, without sales, you don’t have a business. We salespeople make business happen. Salespeople are highly rewarded in most companies, this should be celebrated rather than resented.
As for confidence? Confidence is a critical element of a sales leader’s performance. If you’re not confident, you’ll struggle to sell. Confidence inspires everyone around you, and again, it should be celebrated.
I’ve had times in my career when my confidence has been low. I’m sure you have too. If I can help boost a salesperson’s confidence when they need it the most, then I’m extremely happy indeed.
Join me
Sales Confidence gives me the opportunity to combine my passions for sales, SaaS and inspiring people.
The tech environment is still changing rapidly. I see it every day at LinkedIn. Yet, the principles of sales has remained the same in most companies.
As SaaS becomes the biggest driver of growth in most firms, if the sales department is running well, so will the company. I want Sales Confidence to be an inspiration for the professionalisation of SaaS sales teams.
Come with me as I do it.
The main event
Wednesday 13th September sees the first ever Sales Confidence & Notion Capital event for SaaS Sales Leaders and Founders. We’re holding it at LinkedIn in London, with speakers including Chris Tottman, Simon Kelly, Andrew Gilboy and Neil Ryland. I may even have a few things to say myself!
If you would like to ask any of these SaaS sales luminaries a question, please write it in the comments below. I’ll do my best to get you an answer.
Tickets are sold out, but we will be streaming the event on the Sales Confidence Facebook page.
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