Who Pays for Sales Enablement, Sales or Marketing?

We have a question to ask you…

If a business buys a sales enablement tool, which department pays for it?

This may seem like a silly question, but there seems to be a split.

Some companies take it out of the sales budget, others take it out of the marketing budget.

Now before we explore this in detail within this blog, we’d love to know, if you have bought and implemented one or more sales enablement tools, which department paid for it, sales or marketing? We’d love to see how different businesses view and process this new sales technology.

Let’s try to understand why there is a difference…

First, we should highlight the fact that we live in a time where sales and marketing have never been closer. The rise of the internet and social media has truly bridged the final gap between sales and marketing. There are companies out there (and the number is growing) where sales and marketing are merged together.

Training, technology, everything goes through one central “revenue generation” budget.

However, the majority of companies still operate with 2 separate engines, sales and marketing. And this is where we see the split.

What is “Sales Enablement”?

Sales Enablement technology and software “enables” sales teams to achieve more. They include a mixture of sales coaching platforms, lead prioritisation software, cold calling listening tools, cadence platforms, the list goes on.

In fact, there are over 5,000 sales technologies out there and the list is ever-growing. Software mixed with artificial intelligence and data built to help sales teams and salespeople sell better than they have ever sold before.

Sales teams all over the world are growing, breaking records and achieving huge results all thanks to the sales technologies they have bought and implemented.

The question is, who pays for it?

As these technologies often enhance or fuel lead generation, should marketing foot the bill? Or, because they are bought in to help increase sales, should it be sales that foot the bill? Let’s have a little look at each side of the argument…

Should marketing pay?

Marketing is responsible for generating inbound leads. Their role is the feed the business and sales teams with a healthy supply of (hopefully) qualified leads. A lot of these tools are built to help generate, qualify and prioritise leads, so in theory, this would fall into the marketing camp. This is why so many businesses out there budget for it and pay for it out of their marketing budget.

The problem is they’re also most commonly used by the sales team!

Should sales then pay for it?

In theory, sales is the most logical place for sales technologies to be assigned and budgeted from. These tools are most often used by the salespeople for the sole purpose of increasing sales. Sales would be responsible for paying for sales training, for sales incentives and rewards, so why wouldn’t sales enablement and sales technology also come under that budget?

We are really keen to know how YOUR business or team does it, does it come out of your marketing budget or your sales budget? Please let us know!

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