Who are the Top 50 UK SaaS Companies To Work For? The votes are in!

Last month we asked the Sales Confidence community to nominate the best SaaS companies to work for in the UK. The votes have been counted. Is your company on the list?

When the Sales Confidence team and I came up with the idea of compiling a list of the top SaaS companies to work for in the UK, I had no idea it would be so big. We received so many votes, it took all night to count them all! Nevertheless, we struggled through, and now we have our top 50 list. Who do you know on there? Maybe your company is on there?

See the full list here.

And the winner is…

I’m sure you’re all dying to find out who is No1.

The No1 UK SaaS Company To Work For, as voted by you is, Brightpearl.

If you’re not familiar with Brightpearl, they’re the omnichannel retail management system that puts your orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place. They’re changing the game in omnichannel automation.

We received so many glowing reviews from voters about the way they do things at Brightpearl.

‘It’s an incredible place to work.’

‘Everyone puts in 100% and is eager to push us forward and be the best we can be.’

‘Great vision, innovative and fast-paced company to work for.’

Wow. How amazing it must be to hear that about your workplace culture.

Honourable mentions

The rest of our top 3 were made up by Onfido and Landinsight. Both great companies, and we’re thrilled that Jennifer Bers, Sales VP at Onfido, who has spoken at our live events before, was recognised in this way.

Here’s our top 10 in full:

· 10 — Xactly

· 9 — Ebsta

· 8 — GoCardless

· 7 — Sideways 6

· 6 — AppScatter

· 5 — Cognism

· 4 — Ometria

· 3 — LandInsight

· 2 — Onfido

· 1 — Brightpearl

Well done to everyone who made the top 10!

Thank you

While Sales Confidence didn’t make the list (that would be cheating!), I’d like to thank everyone that made the effort to vote.

Seeing this list of 50 inspirational, pioneering UK SaaS companies fills me with pride in our industry. It’s great that people who work for these companies were inspired to stick their necks out and cast their votes.

In compiling this list, I read about some amazing success stories. Teams that help each other to smash their targets. Sales leaders that are the first into battle. Culture that helps salespeople grow, personally and professionally.

Sales Confidence

For me, the calibre of companies on this lists shows the world what Sales Confidence is all about. I started Sales Confidence to shine a light on the amazing talent we have in the UK SaaS sales industry, that it’s not all about Silicon Valley.

I also want to show the next generation, people starting SaaS companies in the future, that the way to succeed is to surround yourself with talent, and look after them. You can look at anyone on our Top 50 list and find leaders who genuinely care about their teams, and will stop at nothing to make them happy and productive.

If you didn’t vote, I hope you’ll be inspired to vote in our next Top 50 list. In the meantime, I’d love to show you more about Sales Confidence and the amazing community we’re building here.

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Who knows, maybe your company will make the list next year!

See the full list here.

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