Where’s your popsicle?

What’s that special thing you do that never fails to blow your customers’ minds? If you don’t have one, Andy Farquharson from Winning By Design will help you find it.

Back in June, we staged our second #SaasGrowth conference, at Here East, part of London’s Olympic Park. There were over 350 SaaS professionals in the audience, watching more than 40 of London’s foremost SaaS experts share their knowledge. Even if you couldn’t make it, we want to share the inspiration and education with you through our #SaaSGrowth2019 articles.

Andy Farquharson

Andy Farquharson is GM EMEA at Winning By Design, helping B2B SaaS companies design scalable sales plans and execute with a customer-centric approach to sales. With an engineering approach and startup mentality, Winning By Design uses its experience in working with 150+ SaaS companies to build and improve sales process and training methodologies.

The title of Andy’s speech was ‘Innovation in your SaaS sales process’. He talked about several subjects, including motivating today’s millennial generation. Andy also told a story about the Magic Castle Hotel in LA.

Popsicle moment

‘If you’ve been on TripAdvisor when you’re trying to book a hotel in LA, you see the Magic Castle Hotel. It’s confusing. You think, ‘Why is this canary yellow hotel, with horrible pebble dash around the pool, number 2 on TripAdvisor in one of the most luxurious cities in the world?’

‘This is the answer. It’s the popsicle hotline. You pick up the phone and someone actually goes, ‘What flavour popsicle would you like?’. Then, two minutes later, a butler runs out, silver service, and delivers your popsicle to you, wherever you are in the hotel.’

‘It’s an amazing experience and it blows people’s minds enough that they rate it on TripAdvisor.’

‘So, what’s your popsicle moment?’

Find your popsicle

SaaS is a crowded field. We all have competitors. There may not be exact copies of your product on the market, but there will be some that are similar. The most effective way to differentiate yourself is by creating your own popsicle moment; an experience for your customer that they will never forget. It’s what keeps them coming back.

How do you create your own popsicle moment in the way you sell your solution? It’s hard. The tried and tested sales funnel, buyers journey, product demo method has been around for a while.

Andy recommends the way to create popsicle moments is to work smarter.

‘There are seven key moments where you can really impact your customer. If you can improve those by 10%, it accumulates. You 2x your results.’

7 Popsicle moments

Here are Andy’s 7 key moments, pre and post-sale, where you can make an impact. How are you making these points on the journey extra-special for your customer?

  • · Prospect
  • · MQL
  • · SQL
  • · Commitment
  • · Live
  • · Use
  • · Grow

For example, in the early stages, are you having a conversation with your prospect, or are you just telling them everything you know about your product?

Once they have bought from you, are you helping them get the most out of your product, or do you leave them to figure it out for themselves?

How to create popsicle moments

As a sales leader, you need to think about how you can popsicle up your sales process. Then, coach your team to deliver those popsicle moments. Roleplay scenarios, give them turn-by-turn directions. Put them on a path to succeed.

Andy calls it ‘10% learning, 20% roleplay, 70% real life.’ It comes with experience.

Over to you

Andy’s speech brought the house down at #SaaSGrowth, but now we want to know what you think.

When have you experienced a popsicle moment? When have you been absolutely wowed when buying?

What do you do to create those extra special moments for your customers?

Let the Sales Confidence community know by leaving a comment down below.

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