When Sales Confidence went to Xactly Unleashed

Last month, me and some of the Sales Confidence team attended Xactly’s fantastic Unleashed event. Here’s the story.

The day was Tuesday October 22nd. The place was the stunning Ham Yard Hotel, right in the heart of Soho. The event was Unleashed, staged by our friends and partners at Xactly. Sales Confidence had a stand at the event, so we were able to meet some great people and talk about some of our future plans. We also got to see some of the fantastic talks from the stage, where world-class speakers shared insights with the audience. Here are three highlights.

1 — Dr Paul Redmond

The first talk of the day was from Dr Paul Redmond and I have to say, it was one of the most enthralling talks I’ve seen in a long time. Paul had the crowd in the palm of his hand from start to finish.

The talk was about how there are now four different generations in the workplace now, from boomers down to millennials. These generations all have different goals and expectations from their work; they are also motivated in different ways. As leaders, to get the most from your workforce, you have to know this and devise strategies to deal with it.

2 — Xactly Customer Panel

The session straight after lunch saw four of Xactly’s customers take to take stage to talk about what they love about Xactly. This sort of presentation could easily become self-indulgent, but the panel never crossed the line. They talked about the value that Xactly provides in a way that kept the audience engaged.

If you’re not familiar with Xactly; it’s a platform for planning compensation and incentives for your sales team. Compensation is one the top motivators for salespeople, but what many organisations don’t do is use it to drive their business goals. Xactly helps you do just that.

Xactly lets organisations find the right comp plans for them, but it also brings salespeople into the conversation, making them feel more involved. Sales reps can see how they’re doing against the behaviours the company wants to drive. They can see what happens if they meet their forecast. All in all, Xactly makes forecasting better.

3 — Chris Cabrera

It being Xactly’s event, we got to hear from Xactly’s CEO, Chris Cabrera, over from the States for the occasion. Chris delivered an enlightening talk about sales performance management and how the way you manage your sales team changes as your business matures. He also welcomed guests from Schneider Electric and Global Radio to the stage.

However, it wasn’t Chris’ talk that was the real thrill for me. Later in the day, I got to sit down with Chris Cabrera and record another episode of the Sales Confidence Podcast. I got to find out about Chris’s personal drivers and motivators that have helped him to the influential position he is in today. We also explored how unleashing the human side of sales technology is integral to unlocking a salesperson’s potential.

You can watch the video of our chat here.

See you next year

Xactly Unleashed was a terrific event. It was well-run, with insightful talks for a receptive, knowledgeable audience. Lunch was good too! Thanks to Patrick and Lucy for having us along. We can’t wait to come again next year.

In the meantime, make sure you come along to the next Sales Confidence event. You can find out when and where on our website events page.

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