What will sales be like in a post-Corona world?


We hope the current crisis will be over soon. But make no mistake, the world will be different when we all come out. How may the sales industry change? Let’s try and find out.

As we write this, the UK is in its fourth week of lockdown, due to the Coronavirus. I hope you and the people you care about are well and staying safe.

At the moment, schools are closed, we can’t leave our homes except for essentials, and no one knows when it will be over. However, we can be sure of one thing; life will not be the same.

We can’t be sure how this period will affect our lives in sales, but we can take an educated guess. Here are three ways the Coronavirus may change sales, and how you will have to adapt.

1 — Remote work will become even more popular

At the moment, unless we are all working from home. Sure, it’s got its challenges, but by and large, we’re making it work. Some of us have been doing it for years.

It’s certainly possible that when we come out of lockdown, some companies will want to keep WFH going. Why? Because they can.

We’ve shown that with planning, goodwill and amazing technology, we don’t necessarily need to be in an office anymore. Salespeople don’t need to commute for two hours a day to sit at a desk and sell products.

This will drastically change the way we sell. Without meeting people in person, the way we built relationships, demonstrate value and negotiate will be different. However, salespeople can adapt. More emphasis will be placed on video and virtual meetups.

Leaders will also have to change the way they run their teams. They must work out a way to keep the team running and the culture operating when everyone is in different places. It all comes down to communication.

2 — We might be busy!

In previous similar outbreaks, such as SARS in China, when it finally finishes and life returns to normal, the market explodes. Companies have money in their pockets (after being shut in their homes for weeks) and they want to spend it. Vendors need to take action to deal with this pent-up demand.

Hopefully, this phenomenon will repeat itself after the Coronavirus crisis. You can put yourself in the best position to make it happen yourself, by building your pipeline now.

However, leaders must think about how they are going to deal with this potential uptick. Will you hire more salespeople? Take steps to make your team more efficient? Alter prices or reduce the length of your sales cycle?

This is useful stuff to be thinking about now, so you’re well prepared.

3 — Think about your customers

You also need to think about your existing customers and how they will be after the crisis ends, particularly if you sell a SaaS product that you need to renew.

Hopefully, your customers will be like the people we talked about in the previous section, flush with cash and ready to spend. But, it may not be the case.

Your customers may have experienced a significant slowdown during the Coronavirus crisis. They may not have the funds coming in at normal levels. They may not be in a position to make big purchases.

How will you and your organisation deal with this? Perhaps you can provide ‘lite’ versions of your product, or bundle together products to make purchasing more attractive?

Over to you

The main message here is not to panic. Don’t stop selling. But, you can make preparations now: establish new sales channels that will serve you well in the post-Corona world, investigate new technologies that can help you break new ground.

Above all, however, stay safe.

Now, we’d like to know what you think.

How do you think sales will change once we’re all out of lockdown?

What are you doing now to put yourself in the optimal position?

Let the Sales Confidence community know with a comment below.

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