What does SALES CONFIDENCE stand for?

It’s not just a clever name! Every part of Sales Confidence is packed with meaning. Let me explain.

When I thought of the name Sales Confidence for the SaaS sales community I was building, I immediately loved it. I knew it was right. Confidence is essential when you’re in sales. You can’t sell without it. However, the sales profession has a bad reputation for some people. I want us skilled, honest salespeople to be proud of what we do. I want to shout it from the rooftops.

As time has passed (we’ve been Sales Confidence for nearly 2 years now), the name has offered up new meanings for me. In fact, every letter of Sales Confidence has its own meaning. Let me tell you what they are.

S is for Sales

We’re all salespeople. Even if you don’t think you’re in sales, if you have to persuade people to your way of thinking in your job, you’re in sales. We salespeople must be proud of what we do. If businesses didn’t make sales, they wouldn’t last very long. We bring in the cash that powers innovation. We keep the economy going. Let’s be proud of that.

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A is for Attitude

Your attitude is a key contributor to your success in sales. There are so many aspects to your attitude that make you a good salesperson. Possibly the most important is belief. To sell, you need belief in your product, your company and above all, yourself. In sales, you get knocked down all the time. To keep on getting up takes strength of belief.

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L is for Likeability

Likeability matters more than you think. People buy from people they know, like and trust. If you’re a shark, you may find success early on, but you’ll soon get found out. Make an effort to get on with people and you will sell more. You’ll build a great network. You’ll also progress further in your career.

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E is for Empathy

The key to selling is the ability to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you can work out what problems are keeping them up at night, and you can figure out how your product can solve those problems, you sell your product. When negotiating, think about what your customer’s motivations are and you’ll soon find out a way to make a deal.

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S is for Successful

At Sales Confidence we celebrate success. We strive to be great at what we do, and when we are great, we are proud. The lifestyle of a successful salesperson isn’t something to hide. We love the money that we earn. Success in sales is something you can control. We are making it happen.

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C is for Confidence

Confidence is essential for a prosperous salesperson. If you’re going to pick up the phone, dial someone who has never heard of you and pitch, you need a certain degree of confidence. Likewise, if you’re going to stand up in front of the CEO of a large company and present your product as the solution to all their problems, you need confidence. If you don’t have it, work on finding it.

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O is for Ourselves

In sales, it’s important to be yourself. Prospects can sniff out an impostor from a mile away. It’s difficult to build rapport when you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Authenticity is everything. It’s a lot easier to be yourself when you have great knowledge of your product and why it works for your customer. It stops you having to ‘wing it’.

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N is for Negotiation

Few of us enjoy it, but negotiation is an essential part of the sales process. If you’re sales confident, you look forward to the negotiation stage because it’s the opportunity to strengthen your relationship and find a win-win outcome. As Dan Hughes, our Negotiation Guru, advises, planning a negotiation strategy greatly boosts your chances for success.

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F is for Fun

Sales has its ups and downs. We have phones hung up on us. We lose deals we thought were in the bag. We work for long hours to get hold of those elusive prospects. But come on, there are more ups than downs, right? There are definitely worse jobs to do! At Sales Confidence, we love working in sales and we are grateful for the chance to do it. We work hard, but we play hard too. We hope when you come to our events, you leave having learned a lot. But mostly, we hope you had fun.

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I is for Instinct

Your gut is almost as important as your brain, ears and mouth in sales. You’ll often find yourself having to follow your gut instinct, in presentations, in negotiations, in choosing your next role. The better trained your gut, the more success you will have. Luck plays a part in sales too. Make sure you have your eyes open so you can see when Lady Luck is smiling on you, and take advantage of it.

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D is for Driven

If you’re going to be effective in sales, you need drive. At Sales Confidence, we always tell our community to set goals for themselves. We really like big, audacious goals, that reflect your ideal life. We tell you to visualise achieving those goals, even dreaming about them. Feel that fire within you. Believe you can make it. Then, make that journey to the life you want.

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E is for Education-focused

We’re good at what we do. Great, even. However, we never presume to know everything. To be successful, you must never stop learning. It’s why we fill our Sales Confidence events with the best speakers the SaaS industry has to offer. It’s we write articles that show you how to improve, one step at a time. It’s why we’re currently building something big in the education area. Watch this space!

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N is for Networking

For a long and fruitful career in sales, your network is everything. Build and cultivate your network, because you never know when you are going to need them. When we have our Sales Confidence events, I see strangers meeting each other for the first time, then an hour later they’re talking like old friends. I’ve even seen people win new customers and secure new jobs at our events. It makes me proud.

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C is for Curious

A sense of curiosity is essential in sales. Everyone is told the right questions to ask when selling, but the best salespeople actually listen to the answers and take an interest. Curiosity helps build rapport. It also shows you’re open to new ways of doing things, that you don’t presume to know everything and you want to improve. Curious people succeed because aren’t scared of failing. They want to see what will happen when they try.

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(Hang on. Another E? Seriously??)

E is for Ethical

The best thing about SaaS salespeople is we have the strongest values. We are honest. We don’t play tricks. We sell to solve problems for our customers, not just for the sake of selling. We get to sleep well at night and know that every penny we earn was earned honestly. We respond to pressure by working harder, not by making dodgy deals.

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So there you go. That’s what Sales Confidence means. It’s about being proud to be great at what you do, in one of the best professions you can be in. As Sales Confidence grows bigger and bigger, we‘re going to shout louder and louder.

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