What Aaron Ross teaches us in the playbook to (re)ignite growth

The playbook to (re)ignite growth

1 – Specialise sales

Just like a football team has specialist defenders, midfielders and strikers, you need specialists at every stage of the sales process. For example, salespeople don’t like to prospect (much), nor are they very good at it. So, get SDRs that are effective prospectors to operate at that stage of the funnel. You also need dedicated people for lead response, new business and customer success.

2 – Nail a niche

It’s easier to make the pond smaller than make the fish bigger, so find a niche you can dominate. Create a value proposition that makes you a ‘need to have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ for a customer. Remember, people don’t care what you do; they only care what you can do for them.

3 – Predictable pipeline

Predictability is critical to knowing how to allocate your resources. Think carefully about your leads. ‘Spears, seeds and nets’ will have different conversion rates, so don’t treat them the same. ‘Nets’ are marketing leads. Depending on your conversion rates, it could take 1000 nets to achieve what you get with one ‘seed’ (word-of-mouth lead). ‘Spears’, or outbound leads, require a set funnel to achieve predictability.

‘Quick tip for emails. Keep your emails short and simple to understand. Make them easy to act on.’


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