Welcoming Daisy Tottman to the Sales Confidence team

The Sales Confidence team has grown again, I’m thrilled to announce that Daisy Tottman has joined as our first-ever PR & Communications Manager.

As you probably all know, Sales Confidence used to be just me. That feels like an age ago now; our team is growing all the time. Today, I’m excited to welcome Daisy Tottman to the team as PR & Communications Manager. I sat down with Daisy and got her to share her backstory and wanted to share our conversation.

JS: Hi Daisy. Welcome again to the team! Would you like to start by telling the Sales Confidence community how you got to this point?

DS: I started as a Social Media Manager as a way to support myself through university, developing the online brand and visibility of a VC and a founder of a B2B PaaS business. This is where I saw the power of LinkedIn. You could drive brand awareness and connect with people online; then they became offline connections too. Rightly or wrongly, there is definitely a cult of personality in the Venture Capital and Tech space. For example, Fred Wilson was voted the Top VC Brand this year while his VC brand is #25.

JS: Definitely, in my own life LinkedIn enabled me to build the largest network of Sales Leaders in the UK and Europe. With the investment they have made in video and editing, it has never been more valuable for companies to take advantage of. How did you move from freelance social media manager to where you are now?

It happened very organically, my freelance work started to snowball and by the end of uni I was a content writer, event organiser and marketing exec for hire. I was lucky enough to write content and help coordinate meetups for the LinkyBrains (Chris, Alex, Mike and Doug) which showed me the value of connecting individuals offline and online. There was an appetite amongst professionals within the tech/VC space to meet and discuss mission-driven objectives — beyond ‘networking’ and ‘insights’ — that led to people building real businesses like Decksender.

This led to me becoming a founding Ambassador of the FiftyFiftyPledge, working to change the pipeline of female founders getting in front of Venture Capitalists. Since then, there has been some fantastic work in this area, in particular by Included.VC. Supported by some of the FiftyFiftyPledge cohort, it’s a 12-month fully funded fellowship designed to give everyone an equal opportunity to pursue a career in VC; regardless of education, ethnicity, age, location and gender.

JS: I have definitely noticed there has been a lot of progress in terms of promoting women as founders and leaders. It was important this year to achieve equality in how we pick the top 50. I’m proud of the talent we have identified this year and happy that you coming on board with your experience will help us become more accountable in this area.

So, where did you go next?

After graduating from University, I worked at Gripped, an inbound marketing agency specialising in helping B2B SaaS companies. Steve Eveleigh and Ben Crouch put me through my paces and I learnt how Marketing can (and should be) just as accountable as Sales. Gripped was a really fantastic company to work for and I learnt a lot from Ben and Steve about applying proven growth methodologies and how, as a SaaS business, you can draw an audience towards you.

In January, I went travelling for 8 months, visiting 7 different countries. However, I kept up my consulting work, which is how I was introduced to Sales Confidence. I met Lauren Cartigny (Sales Confidence COO) through some consulting work I was doing as a publicist and brand manager.

JS: While Sales Confidence has dominated Social Media we have yet to make a conscious step into more online tech publications and mainstream media. I’m looking forward to you leading the charge in this area and am glad to have your depth of experience, understanding and contacts in the industry to help us. OK, tell the Sales Confidence community what you’re going to be doing with us.

DT: I’ll be focusing on scaling Sales Confidence’s audience. I will be engaging and connecting with the community of SaaS sales leaders we primarily see on LinkedIn and social media, and extending those relationships. Sales Confidence owns the SaaS sales audience in London and has huge potential to build out this online presence, not only on social media but on its own platform and in the press. I also want to broaden that audience to wider tech spaces across Europe and globally.

The Sales Confidence Vision

JS: Amazing. I know that the vision and mission that we have here at Sales Confidence really attracted you. Can you talk a little bit about that?

DT: The key things I see B2B SaaS businesses struggling to attain are:

  1. Cohesion — Sales/marketing/ops/enablement working towards the same objectives, and understanding each other’s goals.
  2. Understanding of their customer — what they want and how they want to be engaged
  3. Talent — hiring the right talent and investing in the right learning & development to accelerate sales growth

I see Sales Confidence tackling these challenges. Their thought leadership and insights bring the sales profession in line with not only their customers but also departments within their business. Their engagement with sales professionals encourages deeper thought into their role, methodologies, objectives — makes them game-changers within their business. They have the vision to build the world’s largest B2B Sales community, nurturing the most exciting talent in the B2B tech space.

JS: It’s a fair observation to make that sales, marketing, ops and enablement should be working closer together and helping us elevate the sales profession. Also, empowering sellers to be more focused on understanding their customer is front of mind for us. We can’t wait for you to get started!

So, please join me in welcoming Daisy to the team. Next time you’re at one of our events, make sure you say hi to Daisy. OK, back to work now!

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