Welcome to the sales tech High Street

The forthcoming SaaSGrowth summit is going to change the way revenue leaders invest in new sales technology. Let’s find out more.

Investing in new sales technology is one of the most essential things you can do as a revenue leader. However, can you say that you know everything that is out there and what it can do for your organisation? Then, there is the importance of tech combinations. LinkedIn Sales Navigator identified that you get the best results in sales and productivity when you use more than one piece of sales tech.

It’s a difficult path to navigate; it’s no surprise that there is so much misunderstanding about investment in sales tech, especially relating to how and where budgets should come from.


With the SaaSGrowth Summit, we’re going to change all that. Before I explain more, here are the details of the event.

SaaSGrowth Summit is an all-day event exclusively for revenue leaders.

· Friday November 22nd

· 0830–1500

· Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool St, London

Grab your ticket to the SaaSGrowth Summit today. Click here to find out more.

Find out more on our new SaaSGrowth Summit website.

The High Street

At the SaaSGrowth Summit, we’re going to totally change the way sales technology is bought and sold. When revenue leaders come to our summit, they get to visit what we’re calling The High Street.

Like you might go to your local High Street on a Saturday afternoon, at the SaaSGrowth Summit, our shoppers will be able to find exactly what they want at their own pace.

The people coming to our High Street, whether they’re sales leaders, VPs, managers, sales development managers, sales ops, marketing, operations enablement professionals or anything else, they all have one thing on their minds; increasing the speed of sales.

In our High Street, they will see many different types of tech, from coaching technologies to enablement platforms, to data providers and customer service platforms. They can walk down the street and get a handle on the best sales tech on the market today.

Find the right sales tech for you

However, with all that choice on offer, how will you know which pieces of sales tech are the ones you need?

Well, like any good High Street store, someone will be on hand to help you.

We understand the need to bring together those key decision-makers so they can work more effectively and collaboratively together. So, we’re going to take everyone who books a ticket for the SaaSGrowth Summit through a qualification process, so we can match you up with the people who have the tech that will supercharge your sales figures.

We think this is event is going to change the way buyers and sellers make decisions when it comes to sales tech in the UK and Europe. We’re really proud of what we’re going to achieve.

Your map of the High Street

When you come to #saasgrowthsummit19, you’ll be able to meet some of our fantastic partners, including:

· SalesLoft

· G2

· Sirius Decisions

· LinkedIn Sales Solutions

· Seismic

· Cognism

· Conversica

· Clari

· Refract

· Value Selling

Click here to grab your ticket to #saasgrowthsummit19 today — before they sell out.

How to make sure you’re there

We know SaaSGrowth Summit is going to be a revolutionary event, changing the way people buy sales tech in London.

If you’re:

· A revenue leader

· Leading an organisation with between 25 and 500 salespeople

· Planning to upgrade your tech stack or go through a sales transformation in the next 3–18 months

…you need to be at #saasgrowthsummit19.

When you register, we’ll ask you to complete a short, 7-question survey so we can provide you with the best networking opportunities and introduce you to the most relevant technology partners. It’s all part of the SaaSGrowth Summit service.

So, don’t miss out. Grab your ticket to the SaaSGrowth Summit today. Click here to find out more.

Find out more on our new SaaSGrowth Summit website.

See you on November 22nd!

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