We asked you… Does it matter what time your salespeople get in the office?

What time should your salespeople come to work? Do they actually have to come to work at all? We asked the Sales Confidence community! Here’s what you told us.

It’s the latest in our occasional series of Sales Confidence articles where we ask our community a question on LinkedIn and get a debate going. This time, the question was…

Does it matter what time your salespeople get in the office these days?

Now, I have my views on this, which I’ll talk about the end. But first, let’s go through some of the 30+ responses we received.

The top answer…

If you tally up all the responses, the majority of the Sales Confidence community thinks that it matters very much what time your salespeople come to the office.

Costas Perkas from Worldwide Business Research summed it up very succinctly indeed:


A fuller answer came from Matthew Harris of BrandBassador:

‘For us, Yes! — Helps us build an awesome culture. As I’m writing this, the team are all sat around the sofas having lunch, laughing together. One is sharing a hilarious story about her first date last night. By being together, we build deep connections, respect and trust.’

Many of the replies said the same thing, that by getting everyone together in the office helps you create a positive workplace culture. Is there a business case for getting your salespeople in the office at a specific time? Andy Pezewskifrom Oxford Global Resources over in the US certainly believes so:

‘Yes! The earlier, the better. Decision-makers are easier to catch before and after hours, in my experience.’

Henry Rowley from Sideways 6 (long-time friends of Sales Confidence) pointed out another benefit:

‘Time in the office is great as you can collaborate and bounce off each other.’

On the other hand…

Of course, if everyone agreed, there would be no point in asking a question like this. We received quite a few responses from people who did not think it matters what time your salespeople come to the office, if they do at all.

Andy Burden from Substribe put it this way:

‘What matters most IMO is that salespeople start their day in good time to engage meaningfully with prospects (requiring good prep). This often means fitting around their prospects’ working hours…that can mean some early and late starts. A rep can do that anywhere these days…’

Hayley Sanders from MIW Group (and a couple of others) offered an important point:

‘I would have thought you would want them in from of your customers, not in the office?’

And as always, some people identified a middle ground, like Daniel Bassett from Equiniti Data.

‘Personally, I think the ideal blend would be 1–2 days in the office for meetings and collab, then the rest WFH or in front of clients as appropriate.’

My two cents

Thanks to everyone who replied with their opinions. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

For a new young sales team, absolutely they should be in the office for learning, development, and culture. It helps effectively program solid habits and behaviours. Flexibility is earned by over-performance, in my opinion.

At Sales Confidence, we like an 8 am start and the sales team to be in the office, unless they’re with prospects and customers. I think as a company grows, remote working for mature sales professionals is fine.

We do usually have everyone work from home on a Friday. Plus, we let the whole company down tools at 3 pm on Fridays, which is a nice perk!

Over to you

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my post. It’s times like this that I love the Sales Confidence community even more than usual!

I’ll ask another question like this on LinkedIn soon, so keep your eyes glued to your feed. If you leave a comment, maybe you’ll be featured in our next article and LinkedIn fame will be yours!

Let’s keep the debate going. If you would like to share your thoughts on what time salespeople need to be in the office (if at all), leave a comment below.

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