Video highlights from the first ever Marketing Confidence live event

On February 13th 2020, we staged our first ever Marketing Confidence event at Paddle HQ in London. We were thrilled to welcome four terrific speakers, all with great insights to share with the 100-strong audience of SaaS marketers. Everyone we spoke to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.

Lucy Hudson — Getting creative with enterprise marketing

Who? — Lucy Hudson is Marketing Director for EMEA and APAC at Xactly. It was a thrill to have Lucy as our first ever speaker at our first ever Marketing event.

What? — Lucy showed us how to market to the enterprise sector when nobody knows who you are. The answer? Get creative!


Don’t miss — How Lucy closed a deal with a large pharma company by staging a raffle!

The #1 thing — Position yourself as the ideal partner. Get in bed with them, metaphorically!

Hannah Stacey — Neville Longbottom and hipster onions

Who? — Hannah is Brand and Product Marketing Director at Ometria — she makes sure that Ometria, its core messages and benefits are communicated effectively to its audiences.

What? — Hannah talked us through the recent rebrand that took place at Ometria. Why the title? You’ll have to watch the video and find out!


Don’t miss — The reasons why you need to rebrand, or maybe not.

The #1 thing — It’s not about you or what you like. It’s about your target audience!

Eric Martin — Sales alignment success with an account-based strategy

Who? — Eric Martin is VP of Demand Generation at SalesLoft, flying in from Atlanta for the occasion.

What? — When Eric started at SalesLoft, he was charged with taking the company ‘upmarket’. In his talk, he shared how he did it.


Don’t miss — Why SalesLoft’s funnel is actually a bow tie.

The #1 thing — How to show your execs the impact of your account-based strategy? Graphs!

Alice De Courcy — From scattergun to predictable

Who? — Alice De Courcy is Head of Marketing at Cognism, long-time friends of Sales Confidence and now Marketing Confidence.

What? — Alice talked about how in only six months, she changed the previously inconsistent marketing operation at Cognism into a predictable engine.


Don’t miss — How you create a 40,000-word content piece!

The #1 thing — Always be optimising.

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