Upgrading the Sales Confidence experience – are you coming?

Our next SaaS Sales Leaders and Managers event on September 25th represents a big milestone for Sales Confidence. Here’s why.


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In September 2017, we put on our first Sales Confidence event. We had an excellent speaking line-up that included Neil Ryland from Peakon and Andrew Gilboy from GoCardless. We already had world-class partners in Notion, the early-stage investor in European enterprise tech, SaaS and Cloud.

However, the venue we wanted cancelled on us at the last second, so we had to scramble to find a new place to meet. Also, there was some building work going on outside our new venue, with constant drilling, so we could barely hear a thing anyone was saying! It was a learning curve, that’s for sure.

But even after these setbacks, we knew we were on to something good. People immediately fell in love with Sales Confidence, with the community and the sense of belonging it gave.

The next level

Fast-forward two years and Sales Confidence has gone from strength to strength. That’s why we’re taking things up a notch.

On Wednesday September 25th, we’re staging what may be our best event yet. It’s the first Sales Confidence Sales Leaders and Managers event, at the Andaz Hotel by Liverpool Street.

‘Why there?’ I hear you ask. Well, firstly it’s all about location. The Andaz is right by Liverpool Street station, accessible by train and the Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. Next, it’s a terrific place. If you’ve ever met me at my hideaway at Eastway, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s spectacular. They’re going to put on the full experience for our 200 attendees; champagne, wine, canapes, whatever your palette desires!

(Also it’s easy for me to get back to Essex!)

World-class speakers

We always have top class sales practitioners speaking at our events. However, for an audience of 200+ sales leaders, we’ve made sure the line-up is absolutely first-class. We’ve got:

· Shelley Lavery — Founder & COO, Jiminny

Jiminny is the platform for all your team’s communications, with automation and AI to help your sales team grow and develop.

· Eric Martin — Senior Director, Demand Generation, SalesLoft

SalesLoft is the #1 sales engagement platform that helps you understand your customers’ needs and respond in meaningful ways.

· Daniel Dackombe — EMEA Sales Director, MixPanel

· Lauren McGuire — VP, EMEA Sales, TripActions

Meet our partners

We’ll also be joined at the Sales Leaders and Managers event by our terrific partners. You’ll get the chance to meet them. I know they want to meet you. But if they start overselling and you think they’re coming on a bit strong, let me know and I’ll have them ejected from the building. It’s not that kind of event!

Elevating the sales profession

We’ve got big plans for Sales Confidence in the next few months, including expanding internationally. However, maintaining our #1 position in London is a priority. That’s why we’ve invested in such a spectacular location for this event. It brings prestige to the Sales Confidence community, which includes you. We hope it will fill everyone who comes along with pride in being part of the sales industry, as well as part of Sales Confidence. We hope it will help us continue to elevate the sales profession.

If you would like to be there, there may still be a handful of tickets left. Grab yours here.

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