Thibaut Ceyrolle - EMEA Founder Snowflake

Thibaut Cyrolle – EMEA Founder, Snowflake: The Explosive Journey to Snowflake’s Record IPO!

1 – Your results speak for how good you are


In sales, you need to focus on the results your produce. That is your reputation in the industry more than any fancy job title. Notice that the people who are really good don’t talk about their achievements in the industry. They don’t have to. People just know. Your results do the talking for you. 


2 – Lead by example


In the early days of your startup, you must lead from the front. For example, you need to prove to your sales team that you can learn how to sell the technology. It builds trust. Another great piece of advice to ‘inspire not enforce’. If the KPIs don’t come at first, don’t blame your people – you need to win hearts and minds. If their activity levels are good and they’re building a pipeline, you’re doing OK.


3 – Don’t employ a squad of head-hunters


When you’re starting up and you want to hire the best people fast, it’s easy to be taken in by the large number of recruiters saying they can do the job for you. However, it’s best to select just one. Too many head-hunters is a red flag, just like too many real estate agents when you’re buying a house.


‘Have a good team of people, with the right character, a proven track record and the right drive.’


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