The winning mindset for outbound sales – James Ski, Founder & CEO of Sales Confidence

So the topic of this 7-minute talk is focused on how to have a winning mindset whilst still doing outbound prospecting. I’m going to share with you five, five key areas of focus that I believe you can take away and consider to improve the outcomes right now. So number one is understand your why. Number two what is the vision you have for you as an individual and the contribution you want to make to the company that you work for right now. Number three action, you have to take action and that means activity; if you are driven to win perform hit whatever current target you’ve got right now, you must take action and you must have high activity. Four, accept what is happening around you and focus on the controllables. And the fifth is how do you maintain a winning mindset, survive, plan to win. And I’ve got two bonus tips offering later.

So just to give you a bit of background of me I started my career in sales as I mentioned earlier going door to door persuading families to get their milk delivered. And one of the basics that I took away from that is love the word no. Love to be told to go away, love rejection, because if you embrace that and the more knows the closer you get to that yes. So simply actually, we just used to use a bit of paper or our hand, and every time we got to know we’re just waltz arounh and we’d mark it on our hands, cross cross cross. And as soon as we got that yes ah we gave our self a big tick right. You’ve got to learn to love the no; right now we’re all getting a lot of no’s, everyone is getting a lot of no’s, so let’s just recall why you do what you do.

From there I’ve had a career I spent over ten years in the software industry, I’ve gone through every role from SDR to IC, to manager, to VP, and now the CEO founder of what is becoming and set to become the world’s most valuable b2b sales community. We were the first in the world to launch a b2b learning and development platform, and you all have access and all have the ability to get access to this. I want to make sure that each of you Graham, Rosanna, Adam, Georgina, Will, Charles can become the best that you can be. And the best you can be might be 10% better 20%, 30%, 50%, but imagine what that will do to your lives if you can improve yourself that outcomes in your personal career and for your company, it will transform you. And this is why being a Sales Professional is the best career in this world. I’m going to talk about that mindset.

So the first point your why – why do you do what you do? This is a really deep question you have to go deep inside your soul and ask yourself, why do you do what you do? Why do you decide to join the company that you’re currently working for? Why do you care about helping your prospects and your customers with the solution that you’re pitching? – because you have to care about the solution you have to understand intimately the value that you’re creating for somebody else. And that why, why does that matter to you? Why does it matter to you that you’re going to help your buyer improve their process, give them ROI? Why does it matter to you to be successful? You know I’ve been from that journey I’ve been a 25k earner, I’ve been a 50k earner, 100k earner, 150k earner, a 200k earner. But it’s more than that, you have to understand why you’re going to do, so Graham, Rosanna, Shane, think about it, write it down, pin it on the wall.

Second the vision for your career. I’ve interacted over the last three years with thousands of salespeople in person and online. It’s obvious to me when you are a bit lost; you don’t have any direction, you’re still working off a framework someone gave you a school at university. It’s not clear where you’re headed. I knew that I wanted to work at a global software company, I couldn’t get that opportunity on day one, it took me three roles before I joined LinkedIn, and then I had the opportunity of the lifetime to become number one at LinkedIn on LinkedIn globally. But I understood my why and my why was to build a global company that we’re now building with the amazing team, people like Alex Brown, and many of the people in this chat today. That is why I had a vision to create a platform where you guys and girls can be helped to each stage of your career. That’s why when you get involved in what we do, we will transform, we will transform your career. We will accelerate your earnings, we will accelerate where you want to get to if you understand your vision, but if you come to us and you just want to be a little bit better and you might hit your target, it’s not good enough. Understand the vision.

Action, taking action. The fundamental difference between winners and losers is action. And most of you right now are sitting down on your arses, and actually while you’re listening to me, why don’t you get off your seat, shake your toes a little bit, feel the blood pumping a little bit. I’m doing this standing up because I want to be focused I want to make sure you’re getting value from what I’m sharing, that’s really really important. But you’ve got to take action we’ve shared so much information on here we’re gonna follow up with the recording, half of you will watch the recording, we’re gonna send out the blogs, the recap, a smaller percentage will read it again. Handful of you and that’s the real winners in there, the real winners somewhere in there, will take action. Leery, I love that your standing, big shout out to Leery, that’s what we want, action. She’s already ahead of you, so what action can you take after this call to move forwards. One action might be to contact one of our team members and learn about the sales confidence membership, the next action might be to speak to your manager, your sales VP, your CRO and ask them what are they doing right now to invest in your development, how are they helping you, and if they can’t give you a good answer, start thinking about moving on and speak to Charles in talent solutions and we’ll help you with your career. 

Number four accept what you cannot control. Right now we are in some of the most challenging times for humanity, and as a professional, and as a professional salesperson, there has never been a more difficult time. Not 2008, 2009, not September 11th, not the dot-com bubble, not when we fell out of the exchange, you know this is challenging times so accept what you can control. I can control what I wear, I can control if I’m going to bring my a-game, I can control how many times I’m going to pick up the phone every day. I can’t control what’s going to happen in some places when I go outside, so I’m not going to worry about certain things. You need to focus and worry about what you can control, and right now you control the trajectory of your career and you control what’s going on up here.

Number five that winning mindset. At sales confidence as we elevate you we help you move from here, to here, to here, to here, until you decide you’ve got as far as you want to go. But that winning mindset requires a survival mindset, and I highlighted earlier that for me I’m a gold medalist. I was a sports person, and my focus was on gold, did I always win no. I used to be attached to that fact, I know and this is the bonus tip, I’ll get on to attachment in a minute, but I am someone that chooses to have a winning mindset and I’m focused on winning, and I want to help you win. But you can make a choice, you have to make a decision you have to choose if you are going to win right now. And that might be confusing, how can I win, how can I smash my target, how can I over achieve, how can I earn my commission when there’s so much difficulty around us. You choose, and that choice will change how you respond in this crisis.

So my bonus two tips is attachment. Now I’m very much an advocate of Buddhism philosophy, and there’s a great book, there’s many, but one teaching of the Buddha, and really how you detach yourself now from that target, you know you set self a goal at the beginning of the year, you set yourself a goal at the beginning of the month, you’re not hitting it. Generally 50% of sales people don’t hit their target, now it’s something like 70, 80, 90 %. It’s difficult, but don’t be attached to that, focus on what you can control your activity. Will, Sean, Alex gave you some golden nuggets, focus on that, focus on that activity and do not be attached to these targets because you’ll feel terrible.

Number 7 and this is my final point before I wrap up and we invite everybody back. Have patience. Pause. I’m very public about the challenges I’ve had it as an individual because I didn’t take my time, I was not patient enough. Many of you that choose to participate in sales confidence, and I know a lot of our members are here as well today, those of you involved in the learning development membership, your type A characters, your perfectionists, and you do want to win, you don’t know how to all the time but you do want to win. That creates a lot of additional stress so be patient.

So in summary, how do you create this mindset so you can continue to perform, continue to have a good sense of well-being, and have this winning mindset. Number one to recap, understand your why, why does it matter what you’re doing right now. Two, vision, have a vision for yourself in the future, go draw it, go write it down, put it on the wall. Number three take action and focus on activity. Number four accept what you can control. Five winning and focus on the winning mindset, and results are a great point. As a bonus attachment, don’t be attached to your targets right now, don’t be attached to the income, even though you’re aspiring to it. Seven have patience, breathe, pause, take a moment after this, go for a walk, it’s okay if you’re not achieving what you thought you might be achieving at this point of the year right now because you will if you do the activity and you take stock, come back stronger.

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