SNP Communications and Sales Confidence launch strategic partnership in the UK

We’ve partnered up with the world’s best leadership and communications agency to revolutionise what we can offer SaaS sales leaders. Let me tell you more.


If you follow my articles on Sales Confidence, you’ll know we have recently cemented a partnership with SNP Communications and its founder, Renn Vara. We received feedback from UK SaaS sales leaders that they want to find out more about how to improve their leadership and communication skills. There is no one better placed to help them than Renn. After all, he’s done it for founders at Google, PayPal, Airbnb and more.

In this article, I want to tell you more about how the partnership came about, how we’re helping each other and how it benefits you, the Sales Confidence community.

A great fit for partnership

SNP Communications, the world’s best leadership and communications agency, were looking to expand their operations in the UK. It is already the biggest name in leadership and communications coaching for the SaaS industry in the US, but as the UK sector is growing so quickly, SNP spotted an opportunity to provide value.

However, rather than just pitch up and start selling, SNP Communications decided they needed a trusted, experienced and credible partner to introduce them to new relationships. In the US, 95% of their business comes from referrals, so it makes sense.

Enter Sales Confidence!

Sales Confidence is proven to add value to SaaS leaders in the UK. Our high-value networking and learning events attract founders, VCs and professionals at all levels of the SaaS sales industry.

We also stage #SaaSGrowth, the UK’s No1 annual sales and leadership event. Renn Vara brought the house down last year at #SaaSGrowth, and he’ll be back to do it again this year.

Don’t miss it. Click here to grab your ticket to SaasGrowth2019 — July 3rd at London’s Here East.

It quickly became apparent that working together would be a great choice.

Boosting expansion

In partnering up with Sales Confidence, SNP Communications knows they will be able to build better relationships quicker, due to our knowledge, contacts and experience.

Both SNP and Sales Confidence are looking forward to a long-term strategic partnership where we can bring value to leaders and SaaS organisations on a grand scale.

Sales leaders and organisations in the UK can now benefit from having access to the mind of Renn Vara, the man Silicon Valley founders call when they need help communicating with their employees or the wider market.

We also can’t wait to bring SNP Communications’ coaches and facilitators to the UK and introduce them to the Sales Confidence community. We know they will come with a fresh perspective to broaden our minds and change the way we approach what is possible.

Let us help you

If anything I’ve said so far resonates with you; if you would like to make use of this golden opportunity to pick the brains of the Wizard of Silicon Valley, get in touch with me. Give me a call or drop me a message.

Sales Confidence is there to enhance the UK SaaS industry. Let us help you.

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