Sales Confidence Video Summaries from Sept 2017 event

Back in September 2017, Sales Confidence staged its inaugural live event at Henry Wood House in Central London. We were privileged to have some of London’s best sales leaders speaking for us. We’ve pulled together some of the highlights for you, so you can share in the knowledge.

Chris Tottman – A VC’s point of view

Who? – Chris was Chief Commercial Office at MessageLabs for 9 years until their £700m exit to Symantec. He’s now a Partner at the VC firm, Notion Capital.
What? – Chris spoke about sales from the point of view of a VC. Why sales is important, and what VCs look for in a startup’s commercial team.

Don’t miss – Chris’s story of how he took a 70% pay cut to join MessageLabs in 1999. Luckily, it paid off!

The #1 thing – If you’re looking to join a startup, take your time and do your research to find the right one.

Simon Kelly – What I learned as a sales leader

Who? – Simon has been a sales leader at some of the biggest companies in the world, including Vodafone, Microsoft and most recently, LinkedIn.
What? – Simon told us the 4 most important things that he learned in his long career.

Don’t miss – Simon’s story of how Unilever’s Product Development team spent an entire weekend pregnant.
The #1 thing – When you’re selling a startup, you need the belief to carry on, when no one believes you.

Andrew Gilboy – How to be an international sales leader

Who? – Andrew is currently CRO at GoCardless, aiming to solve the efficiency problems of moving money across borders. He’s also run sales at software giants, Oracle and Demandware.
What? – Andrew shared with us 3 tips on how to be great at international sales.

Don’t miss – Andrew’s patented method of dividing up Europe into sales territories, by what they like to drink.
The #1 thing – Mistakes are like stepping stones. Use them to get where you want to go.

Neil Ryland – The right time to move into sales leadership

 – Neil is currently CRO at Peakon, changing the game in employee engagement. He was also CRO at Huddle.
What? – Neil told us the 3 things that make a great sales leader.

Don’t miss – Neil’s story about when he interviewed a young James Ski for a job at Huddle.
The #1 thing – When you’re a sales leader, setting a good example is paramount. No more knocking off early!We think our collection of videos offer a huge number of great insights into what it is to be a sales leader. Have a watch and let us know what you think.

Finally, make sure you’re in the room for the next Sales Confidence live event. You won’t be sorry.

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