Sales Confidence Live SDR Event in partnership with Venatrix — Video highlights

On October 16th 2019, Sales Confidence staged another one of our exclusive live events for SDRs, in partnership with Elaine Tyler and Venatrix. We were thrilled to welcome 5 terrific speakers; current SDRs, ex-SDRs and managers, all with something to say to an audience of 150+ SDRs. Everyone we spoke to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.

Gruff Walton — Internal selling

Who? — Gruff Walton is Sales Development Manager for EMEA at Xactly. Before taking the leap into SaaS, Gruff spent 18 months in recruitment. Last year, he was Xactly’s SDR of the year.

What? — Gruff shared with us how he sells himself within Xactly. You can’t progress the at the speed Gruff has without building a reputation within your company.


Don’t miss — How to treat your AE’s like you would one of your prospects.

The #1 thing — Always ask for feedback from people more experienced than you. Then, think about how you feel about the feedback they offered?

Toby Parkes — 3 entrepreneurial attributes of a successful SDR

Who? — Toby Parkes is a BDM at LiveStyled, helping venues, clubs and stadia to become ‘smart’.

What? — Toby has a background in business, so he shared with us 3 ways in which an SDR can work like an entrepreneur.


Don’t miss — How to fake it ’til you make it.

The #1 thing — What would you do if your life depended on getting hold of a decision-maker? Challenge yourself to find a way, even when it looks impossible.

Liz Meuse — My story

Who? — Liz Meuse is Manager of Global Sales Development at Hootsuite. However, a little over 14 months ago, she was selling coffee machines in the basement of a department store in Canada!

What? — Liz shared her personal story with the audience, centring around 3 pieces of advice. Watch the video to find out what they were.


Don’t miss — How to get to know your business inside and out; an essential component of SDR success.

The #1 thing — Become a ‘yes’ person. Put your hand up for everything.

Freddie Becker — How to deal with failure

Who? — Freddie Becker is Payments Consultant at Judopay. He has also worked in the blockchain sector.

What? — Freddie shared his tips on how to deal with failure as well as success. Failure is part of the job; you will have bad months sometimes. It’s essential that you know how to face it when it comes.


Don’t miss — The three things you need to get past failure.

The #1 thing — There are worse things in the world than missing your target.

Felix Dandrea — How to nurture C-level relationships

Who? — Felix Dandrea is Senior Business Intelligence Manager at Matrixx Software. He also went to the same school as me, The Windsor Boys’ School!

What? — Felix is a rare type of SDR that exclusively sells to C-level executives. You have to treat them differently from other prospects. In his talk, Felix showed us how.


Don’t miss — The two questions you need to answer when you talk to C-levels. Once you can do this, it all falls into place.

The #1 thing — When speaking to a C-level, don’t just talk about your company. It’s all about insight and market intelligence.


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I look forward to seeing you.

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