Sales Confidence Live Individual Contributors Event — Video highlights

On November 27th 2019, Sales Confidence staged another exclusive event for individual contributors, at Okta HQ in Farringdon. We were thrilled to welcome 4 terrific speakers, all with great insights to share with the 100-strong audience. Everyone we spoke to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.

Anna Ferfeli — Selling into EMEA is for everyone

Who? — Anna Ferfeli is an AE for EMEA at G2. She is fluent to a business level in 5 languages — English, French, Spanish, Romanian and Greek. Wow.

What? — Anna shared with us how you can succeed in selling to customers in other countries. Not every country buys the same way, so you have to adapt your style to match.


Don’t miss — How to navigate lunchtimes in France.

The #1 thing — When you respect a country’s culture, you get respect back.

Adam Watkins — Be a leader, even when you’re not a manager

Who? — Adam is Director of Commercial Sales at Okta, our hosts for the evening. Okta helps companies implement cloud and mobile strategies by connecting their employees, customers and partners to applications, securely and efficiently.

What? — Adam aspired to be a manager, but of course, he wasn’t always one. Adam shared with us how he stood out from the crowd and showed his leadership potential during his time at Okta.


Don’t miss — How to create an ecosystem in the industry where you sell. People talk — take advantage of it.

The #1 thing — If you want to be a manager, communicate it early. Let people know. Be a leader before you get there.

Misha Jessel-Kenyon — Finding the right job opportunity to succeed

Who? — Misha Jessel-Kenyon is an AE at SalesLoft, Sales Confidence’s headline partners. He also spent time at Peakon.

What? — Switching jobs is a risk, but with a bit of thought and planning, you can minimise that risk. Misha shared how he backed the right horse.


Don’t miss — The best leaders know why they’re successful. Look for a leader with a strong, proven playbook. Then, learn from them.

The #1 thing — To be successful, you need to sell a solution which is significantly better than the competition. Distinguish between the hype and what is for real.

Ben Duckworth — How failure accelerates learning

Who? — Ben Duckworth is Sales Director at Ometria, long-time friends of Sales Confidence. As well as spending time at Adfenix and Edozo, Ben also spent some time in the British Army.

What? — We fail all the time, but it’s something we hate to talk about. Ben, who has had his share of failure just like everyone else, shared his method for turning failure into something beneficial. It was a talk unlike anything we have ever seen at Sales Confidence. Watch it.


Don’t miss — How to get to know your chimp.

The #1 thing — Own your failure. If you don’t, you can’t rescue the situation. When you lock away failure, you miss the chance to learn.

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