Sales Confidence Live Individual Contributors Event — Video Highlights

On January 22nd 2020, Sales Confidence staged another exclusive event for individual contributors, at TripActions HQ near Silicon Roundabout. We were thrilled to welcome five terrific speakers, all with great insights to share with the 100-strong audience. Everyone we spoke to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.

Marya Stevens — Crafting your internal brand

Who? — Marya Stevens is Enterprise BDM at Ometria — The customer marketing platform for retailers.

What? — Marya shared with us how you can build your personal brand inside your organisation. When you do this, every aspect of your performance and development improves.


Don’t miss — How starting a podcast changed the trajectory of Marya’s career.

The #1 thing — Build your relationships with colleagues on consistency and accountability.

Ashton Bayley — Building relationships with your prospects

Who? — Ashton is AE Team Leader at TripActions, our hosts for the evening. Travel tech has always been Ashton’s area of expertise, spending time at Flight Centre and Gett before joining TripActions.

What? — Ashton showed us how he builds connections with prospects over and above the seller to buyer relationship.


Don’t miss — The ‘golden five minutes’. It’s a trick pilots use to get to know each other better.

The #1 thing — Your job instantly becomes more enjoyable when you build genuine friendships with the people you sell to.

Andrea Lowitz — Win more deals with a consultative approach to selling

Who? — Andrea Lowitz is another TripAction AE. Like me (and all the best people!), she is an ex-Linkedin’er.

What? — Andrea told us her three ways to become a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson, when with your prospects.


Don’t miss — Andrea’s tales from the customer service phone line at LinkedIn.

The #1 thing — Talking a prospect out of spending all their money with you can actually pay dividends!

Ryan Fagan — People buy from people

Who? — Ryan is Senior Account Director at Peakon — the brilliant employee engagement platform.

What? — Ryan talked to us about how your company’s values can help you sell.


Don’t miss — How Ryan pitches the personality, not the product.

The #1 thing — Your personality and relationships are not scalable. Build connections using company values instead.

Daniel Disney — 7 social selling tips

Who? — Daniel Disney needs no introduction if you’ve ever been on LinkedIn before. But if you haven’t, he’s the founder of Daily Sales. Dan is a pioneer of #socialselling .

What? — Dan gave us his seven tips to get more from LinkedIn. Don’t miss this brilliant talk. Click on the video now!


Don’t miss — How to change your trajectory with only 15 minutes of social selling every day.

The #1 thing — Your network is your net worth. Make growing your connections a priority.

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