Sales Confidence Live at GoCardless for SDRs — Video highlights

In June 2019, we staged another one of our exclusive live events for SDRs, in partnership with Venatrix. This time, at GoCardless HQ near The Barbican. We were thrilled to welcome 4 of the SaaS sales industry’s rising stars to speak at our event. All our speakers were SDRs, or had been in the recent past. Everything they spoke about was designed to help SDRs get better at their job. Everyone we talked to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.


Avini Miriam Paul — Keeping track of your pipeline

Who? — Avini works for Signal AI in Business Development, the leading A.I.-driven global solution provider of information and insights for media monitoring, reputation management and market intelligence.

What? — Avini shared with us how she keeps track of her pipeline. Because her CRM was not up to the job, she decided to create her own system. This is how she did it.

Don’t miss — How Avini’s idea ended up being rolled out across the global organisation.

The #1 thing — Be proactive. Do something that works for you.


Rhys Pedrick — Why I love being an SDR

Who? — Rhys is an SDR at our hosts, GoCardless, the easy way to collect Direct Debit. Serving more than 30,000 businesses across the globe.

What? — Rhys talked about why he loves being an SDR, why it doesn’t have to be a stepping stone to a role further along the sales funnel. He also shared some tips on how to find success as an SDR.

Don’t miss — The email subject lines that get Rhys results.

The #1 thing — Why is closing thought of as more important than opening? You can’t close a deal that was never opened.


Luke Butler — What I wish I’d known before I became an AE

Who? — Luke is an Account Executive at NewVoiceMedia, working on Mid-Market Growth. Before this, he was an SDR.

What? — Luke talked about the behaviours SDRs need to exhibit before they can make the jump to AE level. It’s not just about smashing your numbers.

Don’t miss — Why having a mentor is essential for your success.

The #1 thing — Learn how to do a full product demo. Understand your solution.


Candy Davey — 7 steps to SDR success

Who? — Candy is SDR Manager at Perkbox, having worked her way up from a Corporate SDR position.

What? — Candy shared 7 pieces of advice from her time as an SDR, as well as things she picked up on her journey through life.

Don’t miss — The real meaning of ABC.

The #1 thing — Take ownership of your life. Life is 1% what happens and 99% how you react to it.


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I look forward to seeing you.

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