Sales Confidence Live at Deliveroo — Video highlights

In early May 2019, Sales Confidence staged another one of its exclusive live events for individual contributors. We were thrilled to welcome 4 of London’s rising stars of SaaS sales to speak at our event. Everyone we talked to afterwards said how much value they got from it.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge.


Ollie Russell — High-velocity sales deals

Who? — Ollie is a Business Development Manager at Deliveroo (Do I really need to explain what Deliveroo is?!). Ollie looks after the Deliveroo For Business section, the division delivering delicious takeaway food to offices.

What? — Ollie shared with us how he runs a sales process that deals with lots of customers exceptionally quickly. He talked about how to make every customer feel special, as if you’re only talking to them. He also talked about leveraging sales technology to keep up the pace.

Don’t miss — Ollie is a master of templates. When you have one that works, you can use it forever.

The #1 thing — The internet has changed sales. Salespeople used to hold all the information. Now, the buyer has it too. You need to respond to this change.


Nora Lamoudi-Sutcliffe — LinkedIn Tips

Who? — Nora is a Senior Account Director at LinkedIn. She looks after customers in the advertising sector.

What? — If anyone is qualified to give tips on how to get the most from LinkedIn, it’s Nora. She shared tips on how to improve your profile, leverage your network and engage with other people’s content. Finally, Nora showed us how to use LinkedIn to navigate your prospects’ decision-making processes.

Don’t miss — How to jog a buyer’s memory when things have gone quiet.

The #1 thing — LinkedIn is all about how quickly you can tell people what value you provide.


Jason Creane — How do we define and measure excellence?

Who? — Jason is Global Account Director at AppDynamics, the application performance management and IT operations analytics giant.

What? — Jason shared with us what he believes it takes to make it in leadership. Firstly, the attributes you need to become a leader. Then, how to create an environment to succeed.

Don’t miss — Jason’s criteria for becoming a world-class leader.

The #1 thing — Don’t sell yourself short on excellence. Find the people who have the playbook for your career.


Izan Coomonte — How personal development transformed my life

Who? — Izan (pronounced Ethan) is Business Development Manager at StubHub, the online ticket exchange company, owned by eBay.

What? — Izan has revolutionised his life, inside and outside of sales, through personal development and coaching. In his talk, he showed us how he takes a strategic approach to his own personal development, always in line with his values.

Don’t miss — Find out why Izan takes a cold shower. EVERY MORNING.

The #1 thing — Have something crazy in your plan for personal development. Get out of your comfort zone.


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