Sales Confidence Live 5 - Video highlights

Back in May 2018, Sales Confidence staged its 5th live event at GoCardless HQ in London. We were thrilled to welcome 4 of London’s most influential SaaS speakers to our event. For the first time, we welcomed a sales coach, which really gave our event a new dimension. We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up all the knowledge.


Hannah Godfrey – How to scale your business internationally 

Who? – Hannah is a startup advisor at Winning By Design, SaaS sales strategists.

What? – Hannah shared with us 3 things you need to consider when you’re thinking of scaling your business internationally. Why? Where? Who? If you think you’re ready to expand overseas, Hannah’s talk is well worth watching.

Don’t miss – What happened when her team from Brighton got to San Francisco.

The #1 thing – You don’t need to go international just because you feel you should. It’s a big risk, so make sure you have strong reasons for doing it.


Marcus Oulds – How do you get where you want to go?

Who? – Marcus is VP of Sales UK for GoCardless, our hosts for the event. Before January this year, Marcus was at Google, where he was Head of Sales and Operations for the New Business Acquisition team.

What? – Marcus talked about how he steers a team in the right direction. He spiced it up with lots of sports analogies.

Don’t miss – What sales teams can learn from the NZ All Blacks and Barcelona FC.

The #1 thing – There’s no room in a sales team for dickheads!


Anna Baird – Why consultants are important for a sales team

Who? – Anna is City Director for WNorth, and specialist sales consultancy. Before that, Anna was at LinkedIn.

What? – Anna spoke about the difference a consultant can make to a sales team, with a few practical sales tips thrown in there too.

Don’t miss – How to use consultancy frameworks to really get to the bottom of the company you’re selling to.

The #1 thing – Keep calm and consult!


Martin Tucker – The conversation with yourself

Who? – Martin is a performance coach to sales leaders.

What? – Martin talked about how your ‘sales confidence’ comes from the messages you play in your head. When you change those, you change your fortunes.

Don’t miss – Martin’s story about the salesperson who was so anxious he was doubled over in pain before a meeting.

The #1 thing – Control what you can control. Forget everything else.


I hope you enjoyed these videos. There’s also a bitesize highlights video where you can see the best of all 4 talks.

If you’d like to be in the room for the next Sales Confidence live event, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and check our website. Tickets are free, but they do go fast. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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