#SaasGrowth2019 — Video Highlights (Part 2)

Back in June, we staged our second #SaasGrowth conference, at Here East, part of London’s Olympic Park. There were over 350 SaaS professionals in the audience, watching more than 40 of London’s foremost SaaS experts share their knowledge. Everyone had the best day and next year promises to be even bigger and better.

We’ve pulled together some video highlights for you, so even if you couldn’t be there, you can still soak up the knowledge. Check out Part 1 of our video highlights here.


Jim Preston — 3 lessons learned from building teams to scale

Who? — Jim Preston is Director of Sales for UK & Nordics at Showpad — Sales enablement for the modern seller.

What? — Jim gave us 3 lessons he learned while building teams to scale, including the secret sauce… happiness.


Don’t miss — The story of the shoe salesmen in Africa. Plus, the book that will change your life.

The #1 thing — Success equals happiness is nonsense, it’s the other way around.


Brendan Walsh — The role of leadership from startup to IPO

Who? — Brendan is VP EMEA at Zuora. We welcomed Brendan to speak at our first #SaaSGrowth event, so it was brilliant to have him back again.

What? — Brendan talked about how the nature of leadership changes as a company scales. He split it into three areas, People, Culture and Commercial.


Don’t miss — How to hire for the culture you want to create in your organisation.

The #1 thing — What is your plan to grow? The best sales managers will take a view on this and help drive change in their organisation.


Chris Wickson — Culture and value fit for a successful acquisition

Who? — Chris co-founded and served as CEO at Akkroo, recently acquired by Integrate for $34 million. He is still there, with the title General Manager.

What? — Chris shared with us how he grew Akkroo into a company that attracted giants to its door. However, valuation isn’t everything; culture and value alignment is essential.


Don’t miss — How Chris felt when he ‘got the call’.

The #1 thing — When the company you founded is acquired, it doesn’t have to be ‘the exit’. It can be the start of something new.


Neil Ryland — From $0 to $10 million: What not to do

Who? — Neil Ryland is CRO at Peakon. One of our oldest friends at Sales Confidence, Neil spoke at our first ever event. He also was my manager when I was at Huddle.

What? — Neil talked about the traps you can fall into as your company scales. Stay alert and you can avoid them.


Don’t miss — How to let your customers steer you in the right direction. They have all the answers. Just ask them!

The #1 thing — Every organisation hits scaling issues and people are at the heart of all of them. Hire early. Think about the people you need to smooth your growth, then go and get them. Don’t hire when it’s on fire.


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I look forward to seeing you.

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