Renn Vara — The Wizard of Silicon Valley finally comes to London

He’s the go-to guy who has helped the greatest founders find their voice. Now, he can help you find yours. It’s Renn Vara from SNP Communications. Let’s find out more about him.

Sales Confidence is partnering up with SNP Communications, the world’s best leadership and communications agency, to deliver high-value workshops to leaders in the SaaS industry and beyond.

It’s one of the most exciting developments in the history of Sales Confidence, and you can find out more about our workshops at the bottom of the article, as well as grab an exclusive discount.

First, I want to tell you about SNP’s founder and CEO, Renn Vara.

Renn and me

I first met Renn when he came over to speak at last year’s SaaSGrowth conference. In a day full of value, Renn’s talk was a massive highlight. He brought the house down with stories about the great founders he’s worked with, and how we can learn from their experiences.

Since then, I’ve stayed in touch with Renn and we’ve talked a lot. Now, I’m proud to say that Renn is coming back for #SaaSGrowth2019. Plus, we’ve launched a strategic partnership which should benefit both of us, but mostly you, the Sales Confidence community.

Click here to grab your ticket to SaasGrowth2019 — July 3rd at London’s Here East.

The founder’s best friend

Renn Vara is nothing short of a legend in Silicon Valley. For 20 years, Renn has been helping the most successful founders in the world show leadership and communicate effectively with staff, suppliers and customers alike.

The list of founders and companies Renn has worked with is a who’s who of Silicon Valley greats. Google, Salesforce, PayPal, Cisco, Airbnb to name a few.

The thing about Renn is that he understands what it takes to be a founder. He knows the psyche of founders, their conscious and unconscious thoughts, as well as how they respond to pressure. He understands the journey that founders are on, their feelings, thoughts and motivators. He is the best guide and mentor a founder could ask for.

Renn is the type of guy who will take a call at 11 pm on a Sunday to coach a leader for an investor meeting on a Monday. He truly is ‘the founder’s best friend’ and along with his wife, Maureen, he has turned SNP Communications into the best leadership and communications agency in the world. SNP Communications was made to add value.

Training programmes

Renn doesn’t just coach founders. His programme ‘Think Like A Founder’ was developed to help execs work with founders and understand them better.

SNP has been collaborating, coaching, and training the best of the best for over 20 years and counting. Their unique approach to helping people discover and improve their executive presence, management, and communication skills is what makes the difference between “training” and getting to the heart of what makes your truth persuasive.

Now, we’re bringing Renn and his team to London to offer high-value workshops and programmes in partnership with Sales Confidence.

If you are ready to invest in professional growth and development you should learn from the people who have been of service to the most impactful leaders in the world.

To find out more about SNP Communications’ value-packed public workshops, click here. Use the code salesconfidence20 for your exclusive 20% discount.

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