Ollie Sharp on how mindful leadership drives success

How being a mindful leader impacts your business and drives success



1 – Attract and hire the best talent

Bringing the best talent into your company is essential and being a mindful leader can help
you achieve this. When you’re self-aware, you can make sure you hire people who think
differently to you. Although it’s tempting to hire people who are just like you, as you think
they’ll be easier to manage, you’ll achieve much more with diversity of thought. Hire people
that fill the gaps in your skillset.


2 – Retain and inspire your team

Teams that stick together achieve more. You can’t win with high employee churn. Purpose-
driven professionals are more likely to have a longer tenure with a company. A mindful
leader connects with their team on an emotional level, acknowledging the strength of the
collective and the individual. Caring, self-aware leaders motivate on a different level; they
provide what a team needs rather than what the leader wants.


3 – Improve happiness and the general mindset

A mindful leader has a considerable impact on the team’s mindset and happiness. When a
team respects their leader, they start to act like them, so they become more mindful
themselves. This leads to a less stressful, more resilient environment for work. A mindful
leader should also keep an even temper, without the dizzy highs and the devastating lows. It
keeps people calm and builds resilience.

‘Mindful leaders are resilient, but they also build resilience. They have equanimity.’

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