Meet our top-tier #SaaSGrowth sponsors

When you come to #SaasGrowth2019 you’ll get to meet some of the most innovative SaaS companies in the world. Make sure you don’t miss our top-tier sponsors.

With less than a month to go, the Sales Confidence team are pulling out all the stops to make sure #SaaSGrowth2019 is the biggest and best event you can imagine. We’ve got a terrific venue, assembled a world-class speaker line-up and even sorted an after-party that will live long in the memory.

However, none of this would be possible without the help of our fantastic group of top-tier sponsors. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about what makes them great.


SalesLoft is a Diamond Sponsor of #SaaSGrowth2019 and it’s no exaggeration to say we couldn’t do it without them.

SalesLoft is the sales engagement platform that helps sales teams understand their customers’ needs and respond in meaningful ways. Whether it’s generating pipeline, managing deals, improving processes, building relationships and much more, SalesLoft is the solution that can make the difference to your bottom line.

SalesLoft is currently on Series D of funding and has a customer base of more than 2000 companies, including some mega-names like Facebook and Stripe.

It’s to have SalesLoft onboard as a headline sponsor. Plus, the VP of Revenue for EMEA, Ollie Sharpe, will be speaking from the stage. Like me, he’s an ex-LinkedIner and full of great ideas on how to do sales better.



Cognism has been a friend of Sales Confidence since the very early days. It’s a real thrill that as they have gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the SaaS industry’s major success stories, they are still with us.

Cognism is an end-to-end sales-acceleration solution that provides sales organizations with a more efficient way to prospect. With its unique data asset and compliance engine, Cognism uses AI to surface opportunities and identify customer trends.

As well as being a treasured sponsor, we also welcome Cognism’s CRO, Nazma Qurban, back to the SaaSGrowth stage.

Cognism is a Platinum Sponsor at #SaaSGrowth2019 and will be sponsoring our fantastic afterparty. It’ll be great fun, and of course, it’s where the real business gets done!



Along with G2, Highspot is a Going For Gold #SaaSGrowth2019 partner. You may have read about their latest $60 million Series D funding round. Congratulations guys!

Highspot is the modern sales enablement solution that sales reps and companies trust. It helps deliver a better buyer experience and win more business by solving crucial needs for sales, sales enablement, and marketing teams. As the highest user-rated solution in the space, Highspot stands apart with artificial intelligence technology and industry-leading capabilities — all wrapped up in a platform designed to delight users.

Highspot gives businesses a powerful advantage by bringing together content management, sales guidance and buyer engagement capabilities so they can win more deals. It helps cut through the noise and engage customers, whenever and wherever they are.

We’re thrilled to have Highspot on board as sponsors for #SaaSGrowth2019. We will also be welcoming Highspot’s MD for EMEA, Richard Langham, to our stage. We can’t wait to hear what Richard has to say, you know it will be packed with value and tips you can use the next day to help drive business.


G2 Crowd

Another Going for Gold sponsor, G2 Crowd is the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform.

Until recently, selecting business software or services was difficult, risky and inherently biased. G2 Crowd’s real, verified user reviews help you objectively assess what’s best for your business. Now, you can leverage the crowd, limit your risk, and find what works.

G2 Crowd is one of the hottest names in the world of SaaS right now. It has the become leading B2B review platform with over 700,000 reviews read by more than three million technology buyers every month.

It’s a real pleasure to partner up with them to bring #SaaSGrowth2019 to life. I’m also pleased to say that G2 Crowd’s main man in London, Henrique Moniz De Aragao, will be speaking at #SaaSGrowth2019.

I’m looking forward to Henrique letting us into the secrets of what is making G2 Crowd so successful right now. I’m sure there will be some nuggets you can use in your business too.

Thanks to these brilliant companies, and all our other sponsors, #SaasGrowth2019 is destined to be a day to remember.

#SaaSGrowth2019 takes place on July 3rd at London’s Here East. It’s London’s №1 Sales Leadership Conference.

If you missed out on getting a ticket this year….make sure you sign up to to get notified early about #SAASGROWTH2020


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