Maximising your outreach results


How do you stop having your emails ignored or your cold calls hung up on? Follow our five tips for more effective outreach.

In today’s crowded marketplace, you can’t expect all your business to come to you; nor can you expect your outreach to be effective without some serious strategy behind it. Whether your reps cold call (we’re big fans of cold calling here at Sales Confidence) or email your prospects, you need to focus your time and resources in the right way.

Here are our five tips to maximise your outreach results.

1 — Know who you’re calling

Boost your chances of a good reception you call by calling someone likely to want the thing you sell.

A great way to do this is to draw up an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Research your existing customer base. Who are your biggest spending, most satisfied customers? What are their common features? Business size? Industry? Turnover?

Then think about who at those companies are the decision-makers. What are their job titles? Look at why these people buy your product. What problem do you solve for them?

When you have this kind of information, you can put together a list of people who are likely to buy, and what you need to focus on when you talk to them.

2 — Get personal

In 2020, buyers don’t respond to generic, cut-and-paste emails or robotic phone scripts. You need to put some effort into personalising your approach. Do as much research as you can into your prospect before you contact them. Look for an angle where you can position yourself as someone they would want to talk to, and your product as something they need.

Fortunately, your prospects put all the information you need on LinkedIn, entirely voluntarily.

At a recent Sales Confidence SDR event, Tom Boston from SalesLoft shared with us how he does it.

Personalisation is critical to Tom’s video strategy. When you create something that’s just for that individual prospect, it sticks in their memory and gets them to act.

‘They go. ‘Wow! This person has actually spent some time and they’ve reached out for a reason.’

Learn everything you can about your prospect before you contact them. Go on LinkedIn and find out their backstory. Look to find a connection.

‘My colleague Jack uses his knowledge of football. He finds out which team they support. I don’t know anything about football, but I’ve got a good knowledge of obscure northern towns.’

3 — Know your value

Alternatively, when researching, look for a pain point you can relate to. Then, you can show that you know what they’re going through and position yourself as the solution. With your Ideal Customer Persona and a customer list of prospects that match it, you should be able to do this at scale.

Once you’re through to your prospect, lead with benefits over features. Tap into the pain that’s keeping them up at night. Emphasise the impact that they’ll feel when your product makes that pain go away.

4 — Be memorable

The prospect on the other end of the phone may have taken ten cold calls before you that day. They may have dozens of emails from salespeople just like you sitting in their inbox. To have any chance of success, you have to stand out.

Part of standing out will be following these tips above. If you can be relevant, personalised and helpful, you’re already ahead of half of the other salespeople out there. However, you still need to go the extra mile.

Our friend Tom from SalesLoft records a short video for all of his prospects. It helps him make an impact and helps the prospect put a face to a name. What can you do to stand out?

5 — Don’t stop

Finally, you need to keep going. You probably won’t get through to your prospect on the first call. So, keep trying. The average number of calls a rep needs to make to reach a potential decision-maker is 18. Never give up.

Then, once you have had a conversation, don’t think your job is done. You need to follow-up to make sure you stay fresh in their mind. If you’re running an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach in your organisation, you’ll need to start making inroads into their company, looking for other potential decision-makers to win round.

Over to you

Those are our tips for winning with outreach. Now, we want to know what you think.

What are your tips for making your calls sparkle and your emails shine?

How do you stand out from the rest of the sales crowd?

Let the Sales Confidence community know with a comment below.

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