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Okay so I’m a sales coach been doing it for a few years now, and from a sales coaching and training perspective took a lot of time talking about the conversation that we have with customers. What I’m going to talk to you about tonight is much more around the conversation that we have with ourselves because that actually is where it all starts to be able to be effective. So last night I was having dinner with an old friend of mine who, he’s currently the financial services lead for Amazon for that AWS platform we had a stellar sales career in Microsoft with him a few years back when he was there and an IC (individual contributor) for one of my customers, and if you look at him right now he is the model of a super salesperson. But it wasn’t always the case for him and I’ve got a telephone call one day from the VP of sales for this organisation, and they said “can you come out with this guy because his performance is falling off a cliff”, no idea why we’re really struggling to understand; his activity’s high, from a service a great attitude, great sales capability, really good communication skills, can you go out with him for a day. So I went and picked him up, got a coaching day sorted out I’m going to go and do a few meetings I was going to sit back and watch him having a conversation with him. But after about two or three hours it became really evident what the problem was, and it was highlighted by the fact that we’re in a car park together he was bent over double, he was bent over double with fear and anxiety is almost being physically sick, because of what was going on his head and the massive problem was that his mindset was completely shot to bits. And just listening to him in observing him that the big issue was his remain a load of external factors but he couldn’t control really affect his mindset. And as a result of that that was crippling his paper disabled and in essence he got his sales confidence.

So I wanted to talk to you about now is rather than having an outside to in mindset where we’re allowing external factors to create what’s going on on our heads in our thinking, we’re talking about trying to create an inside to out mindset. I hope this is relevant to everybody.

So there are four things that we can talk through based around something called the mind performance cycle, it’s a sports psychology concept. Four things that we can control which massively affect our feelings, which then affect our behaviors, and therefore affect our results in our performance, and that’s an ongoing cycle, and if they’re positive we tend to get an upward spiral, and if the negative we tend to get a downward spiral.

So the first of those is self-talk; self-talk is the dialogue we have going on our heads right you’ll have some voices in your heads and what we tend to have in that situation is either a positive coach on one shoulder the angel, or a negative critic on the other and that’s the devil. And what we tend to do is focus a lot more, particularly in times we’re feeling a little bit uncertain about stuff on the negative page and that becomes really really loud in our heads so how can you deal with that in terms of affecting your feelings? The first thing actually is just to be conscious of what yourself talk is saying to you so what actually is going on in your mind, what actually is being said you in your own head. The next thing that is to try and write down your self-talk, write down what actually is happening, what are you saying to yourself, because the moment you write it down that gives you an opportunity to be able to change the self-talk and create something that seems to be more positive in your mind. So some self talk might be I can’t sell in this market, brexit is happening, it’s a complete disaster. One thing that really affected me when I was doing the direct sales role was I thought was rubbish at negotiation, so if I think I’m rubbish at negotiation, guess what’s going to happen. As a result of that we lost thousands of pounds in commission because I was just in my own mind rubbish in negotiation. So one of the things that you can do here is then start to play around with a language, so in terms of negotiation, from my perspective. The moment I started to perceive negotiation to me that was fun, and I did enjoy, I started getting much better outputs. In terms of working with one client, we’re doing stuff around questioning, and find these questions really difficult to ask the difficult questions to ask, so in that situation what we did there was just change that the talk, and talk about well then the Commission questions if you ask those questions you’ll get to Commission, so they were known as the Commission questions. So the first bit is your self-talk, and I’d encourage you you know tomorrow over the next few days just check in with what you’re being said in your own mind.

The second bit is the images that you play in your head, so Pete Crosby actually talks about this a couple of events ago about his daughter, she’s part the GB squad for horse riding and they do lots of stuff around around visualization, it’s actually visualizing yourself in the situation feeling it, smelling it, hearing it and going through the steps that you need to go through. The massive benefit of visualization is it starts to create the neural pathways in our minds that help us to execute the behavior, particularly in times when we start to get a little bit under pressure so I’m really hoping that the England Football team is visualizing penalties for this summer. And actually I came in here early and I started to visualize me doing this speech and visualizing you is the audience, I’ve got to say by the way I visualised you being a lot better looking. So this is the visualisation part of it but the other thing about our brains incredibly powerful, and what we can do with our brains is we can create the movies or things that have happened in the past, and we start to put those into the future we start catastrophizing what happened based upon negative thoughts that we’ve had in the past. A little story about this bring a workshop recently with a client and there’s one girl there you had a customer to Account Manager, she’s saying every time we go and see this customer he’s always really nasty to me it’s always really rude always threatening to leave, so we just talked through well what’s what’s that to the movie you’re running in your mind, what’s the reality that you have in your mind that is causing this to be the outcome, can you change the movie? So she started thinking about them playing around with it and actually three days after she left the program, she did a hundred and seventy five percent of her target in three days for the month exactly, and one of those was with the client that she was struggling with and that her feedback was, he was so much nicer but it’s her behaviors that were affecting his behavior.

So the third one is the environment, and we all know spending good money on a nice environment helps us to work and get better feelings.

Just gonna move on to the last one which is about your physiology so have you heard of the power pose? There’s some stuff done by somebody in America who is talking about the fact that if you take on the power pose for two minutes a day increases testosterone in your brains, and reduces the cortisol the stress hormone as a result of that you tend to be more powerful more confident. So it might be worthwhile having a look at that.

But lastly want to talk about here in terms of every emotion that we have is a different breathing pattern, okay so when we start to get a little bit nervous about doing something, our breathing starts to get very shallow and our heart rate starts to go up and we go into flight or flight response when we’re in that situation our body is getting ready to either have a punch up or to run away, when we’re just nervous and our resources go and they’re being used up that were normally used for our senses; we can’t actually listen properly, we can’t see properly, we start to be able to convert a less effective way so if you’re in a situation where you’re feeling a little bit nervous bit worried the best thing you can do is just breathe very very deeply, the optimum number of breaths per minute is six, it’s a really deep breaths to bring your heart rate down and that reduces your flight flight response okay so just four things there that you can focus on your internal conversation that will help to build your sales confidence.

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