London’s SaaS A-List at #SaaSGrowth2018 — Part 2

One of my missions when I started Sales Confidence, was to promote London as a centre of SaaS. Silicon Valley gets all the coverage, but we’ve got some amazing talent here.

On June 21st we’re staging our first ever all-day live event, #SaaSGrowth2018. It’s taking place at Here East, part of London’s Olympic Park. We’ve managed to assemble a roster of London’s brightest SaaS stars, primed to share their knowledge and insights with you.

If you haven’t got your ticket already, what are you waiting for? Click here to secure your spot.

Here are some more of the SaaS visionaries you can catch. Check Part 1 of our list as well.

Tom Glason — Chief Commercial Officer, Goodlord

To be successful in a sales career I guess you need to be a unique character, and you never get very far just following the crowd. Tom Glason has taken having a ‘different’ approach to the next level.

Tom is a Sports Psychology graduate, and likes to apply the principles of sports performance to running sales teams. He’s currently CCO at Goodlord, cloud software disrupting the property lettings market. At Goodlord, Tom is responsible for sales, marketing and customer success.

Tom is also a life coach and is working with Sales Confidence to find mentors for his team members. Finally, he’s a Leicester City fan. I wonder if he has stopped smiling since 2016?

Find out at #SaaSGrowth2018, where Tom will be on a panel showing us ‘What you need to do to be the very best leader in your business’.

Tim Hampson — Co Founder, SalesSeek

I’m thrilled to welcome Tim Hampson to the #SaaSGrowth stage. There aren’t many who have had such an illustrious SaaS career as Tim, with so much more still to come.

His CV reads like a who’s who. IBM, Illustra (acquired for $400 million), Interwoven ($1 billion IPO), BoardVantage ($250 million acquisition), Sybase and more. He’s worked in the UK, US and Japan.

Tim co-founded SalesSeek, friends and sponsors of Sales Confidence. SalesSeek is a super-effective CRM and market automation platform for B2B sales teams.

At #SaaSGrowth2018, Tim will be on the panel ‘Investors and Founders on raising capital, managing and accelerating SaaS businesses, and what future SaaS opportunities exist in the UK and Europe’. I can’t wait.

Barnaby Terry — Partner, Sussex Place Ventures

It’s going to be great to welcome Barnaby Terry to talk at #SaaSGrowth2018. Barnaby is always entertaining, a big personality who is never shy to give an opinion. It’s also great to have so many founders, investors and VCs speaking at #SaasGrowth2018. We don’t want a sales echo-chamber!

Barnaby is a VC luminary. He spent 18 years at Elderstreet and 3i, where he co-founded the best performing 1999 VC fund in Western Europe. One of his investments was Content Technologies, which was acquired by Baltimore for $1 billion. Before that, Barnaby was in enterprise sales in the data communications industry. Pretty much the ideal person to come and talk at #SaaSGrowth then!

Barnaby Terry will be joining Tim Hampson on the panel ‘Investors and Founders on raising capital, managing and accelerating SaaS businesses, and what future SaaS opportunities exist in the UK and Europe’. Don’t miss it.

Jos White & Chris Tottman — Notion

I can’t wait to welcome Jos and Chris from Notion to speak at #SaaSGrowth. Notion are Sales Confidence sponsors and have been with us from Day 1. In fact, Chris was the first speaker at the first ever Sales Confidence live event. We’ve come a long way since then!

Aside from that, they’re both interesting guys who will keep you all entertained. First at MessageLabs and now at Notion, they’ve been there, seen it and done it.

Jos will be doing our afternoon keynote, titled ‘How MessageLabs was built, grown and ultimately sold for $695 million in cash’. Bring a pen and paper to that one!

Chris will be joining Barnaby and Tim at ‘Investors and Founders on raising capital, managing and accelerating SaaS businesses, and what future SaaS opportunities exist in the UK and Europe’. What a panel.

Tom Castley — RVP Account Management EMEA, Apptio

Another previous Sales Confidence speaker and guest poster, I’m so pleased Tom Castley is going to be at #SaasGrowth2018. Tom is one of the SaaS industry’s boldest thinkers, and an extremely entertaining speaker.

Tom has had a long and varied career in SaaS. He launched Xactly in EMEA, then went on to Oracle where he was instrumental in turning around a struggling sales team. Now he’s at Apptio, changing the game in software for finance professionals.

Customer experience is one of Tom’s areas of expertise. I’m sure he’ll be touching on that during his talk at #SaaSGrowth2018. He’ll be on the panel talking about ‘How to successfully navigate, negotiate and see to FTSE100 and enterprise accounts.’

Jacqueline De Gernier — Area VP Commercial Sales, DocuSign

Jacqui is another previous Sales Confidence speaker and guest poster, so I’m thrilled to welcome her to #SaasGrowth2018.

Jacqui is Area VP of Commercial Sales at DocuSign, the industry leader in electronic signature solutions. She has been instrumental in the company’s rapid growth in the UK. In fact, she told us all about how they hire during her last talk for us. Jacqui also spent time at Aderant.

Jacqui’s areas of expertise are in building teams and business process development. Luckily, that’s exactly what we’ve asked her to talk about at #SaasGrowth2018. She’ll be on the panel talking about ‘How to hire, onboard, coach and develop successful sales teams’. Don’t miss it.

You can find the full agenda for #SaaSGrowth2018 by clicking here.

If reading this has whetted your appetite, don’t hang around. Get your tickets for #SaasGrowth2018 here.

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