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My name is Kelsey Joyce I am the senior director of sales operations for a company called MATRIXX, what we do is we sell multi-million dollar software to the telco space. It’s about a three-year sales cycle ,yep somebody just had big eyes, but I just issued a commission check for a million dollars, so that was nice yeah. So as you can tell I was born and raised in the UK, no seriously I’m from California I’ve been here for five years I spent those five years practicing your language extensively, and I hope that I got it right and it’s perfecting you all understand me. So and also one more thing before I start I think I see someone out there Alex Tyndall he threatened to asked me a very embarrassing question why I’m on stage today so I’m gonna beat him to the punch, and I’m sure something you’re all asking yourself right now so I’m just gonna answer it, I did not vote for Trump.

So James gave me the freedom to talk about whatever I wanted to today. I have spent the last two weeks locked in a cave with the marketing department. Anyone from marketing here, so I can’t say too many bad things most is in sales so might weigh more to sales. So I spent two weeks locked in a cave with marketing what we were talking about was demand gen and implementing a new marketing automation platform, so the topic I’ve chosen today is something that most companies are challenged with which is sales and marketing alignment. Alot of companies do not get this right. 

So I’ve spent 15 years in sales I’ve only seen one company get this right, fortunately it was the first company I ever worked at. Since then I had been motivated to fix every single company I’ve ever worked with on sales and marketing alignment, sometimes successful sometimes not so successful. I’m not gonna bore you on the details on why this is important I think you all understand it. But like in many marriages some work some don’t work right, and what I see in most companies is what happens when it doesn’t work is marketing and sales decide to go their separate ways, they want nothing to do with each other, they don’t even communicate with each other, and it’s pretty much a divorce but they can’t you know really separate because one can’t go to the beach and the other go move to the mountains right, because they’re stuck under the same company. The other is that they just have this happy marriage where on Facebook they’re all friends they all love each other, but in the back they’re talking behind each other’s back and they’re pointing fingers at each other right I’m sure a lot of you have organizations that work like that, I’ve seen it a lot. So why can’t marketing and sales get along there’s a lot of reasons. I take kind of a quote from men are from Mars Women are from Venus, so what the quote is they don’t realize how different they really are, and how to communicate their needs in a way that doesn’t arise in conflict right. So if we’re trying to fix marketing and sales alignment the first two things, kind of detail on what that book says number one, you have to understand you’re different. If you’re in marketing right and you think you’re you know what sales is doing the move in the sales. If you’re in sales and you think you could tell marketing what to do go into marketing right, you guys are different, you have different drivers you have different skill set, you need to leverage that you can’t work against them. 

Number two you have to communicate right. I mean this is basic one-on-one relationship advice right, so one example of that is I found out that my company the marketing department was implementing new SEO strategy (search engine optimization) know sure if everyone knows that, we’ll have two marketing people in here, so basically it’s when somebody goes into Google and then they find your company right, there’s keywords associated with it. So I find out about it just through coffee talk you know, so I called the SEO manager and said how are you coming up with those keywords. And he goes well I’m just creating them, I’m like whom have you talked to in sales, he’s got talked to nobody, he was absolutely astonished that I would ask sales. They said okay well how many times do you talk to customers zero, how many times do you talk to prospects zero, how are you gonna know the language that they’re speaking, but guess who does know that language it’s the sales team right so there’s no communication. 

Don’t waste each other’s time, that’s another point. Sales stop asking marketing for whacky campaigns. I mean seriously I’ve seen some ridiculous campaigns out there. Marketing, stop sending MQL is over to sales that you know who have a historically low conversion rate, don’t waste their time

Another which is something that we were just talking about earlier, is agreed KPI’s across both departments right. Here’s a hint open and click-through rates is not an agreed KPI, that needs to go to the exact level, don’t bore your exact team with that one right neither is number of touches by the sales team right. So you have to agree on some KPI’s, you have to present it together as a unified front to your executive team, you have to support the data marketing don’t fib, don’t flood the pipeline with a whole bunch of leads just to make your charts look pretty. The way you do that has changed the colours, not the metrics. 

Sales give marketing credit where it’s due; if they bring you a lead give them give them praise for that, don’t think that you’ve done everything on your own in your one-man army because most likely you’re not. 

Then I’m gonna geek out a bit so leverage technology. I am big into my technology, I could probably talk about this for about two hours. So number one marketing automation it’s important, buy a tool that you need not now but in the future. And if you’re implementing that tool and sales is not heavily engaged you’re gonna have it wrong, absolutely wrong. And then this might either upset some sales people, or make them very happy. I don’t know if you know there’s an AI automation platform aren’t you a few out there that will actually qualify your leads for you. So basically all your low level quality leads you will never have to touch. There is a bot they will have a full conversation with that lead they will schedule you a meeting and no nobody lifted a finger. It fooled me that’s that’s shocking to me, I had a lengthy conversation with somebody that didn’t exist, so normally I’m just talking to the wall but you know this time it was a bot. Marketing imagine if a hundred percent of your leads were fold up a hundred percent of the time. Sales imagine not looking for a needle in a haystack to find that lead that you really really want, use technology.

And last, oh this one’s my favourite so sales how many times are you asked to add your contacts to Salesforce there’s a lot yeah yeah yep exactly. So I just implemented a platform at my company that automatically scrapes you’re at your outlook adds the contacts to your account not as a lead but to the respective account with the title and the phone number. You never have to lift a finger it almost happens instantly as long as you’ve emailed them or sent them a calendar invite. Imagine how much nagging will go down – hat would be a pretty chart! To and then think about it marketing has all their their contacts to nurture right. 

 So anyway those are my main points some of you guys might say those aren’t very you know those those aren’t rocket science right, and I agree, but those tend to not work and if you’ve tried all that I have three last-ditch efforts. Number one go to marriage counseling you need to bring a third-party consultant who can meet the sounding board between sales and marketing, and navigate through the politics. Number two you need to get marketing ops and sales ops report to the same person. If those two people can get along anyone can get along. And number three I know you’re gonna think it’s silly but it’s worked for me several times get a big bottle of tequila. Lock your marketing and sales team in that in a conference room until they figure it out with that bottle of tequila. One of two things is gonna happen 90% of the time they’re gonna come out be BFFs when they’re all done, they’re gonna love each other. 10% of time there’s gonna be blood on the carpet.

So that’s it for me on sales and marketing alignment it’s something I’m very passionate about if you do it right you’ll increase your revenue, you will improve your KPIs, and most importantly the complaining will go down, so that’s it for me.

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