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Good afternoon, SAAS Growth, I hope you’re all well, and my name is Jim Preston, I’m a Sales Director at Showpad. What is Showpad? Showpad is a sales enablement platform. Statistic number one for you, 46% of sales people in 2018 missed their individual number, according to Miller Heiman. That’s an alarming stat. An even more alarming stat is that was the fifth year in a row of decline. Salesforce produced a report in 2018 called the State of Sales where they did research with sales people and they asked the question, “Will you hit your number in the next 12 months?” And a whopping 57% of respondents said, “No, I will not.” We call that the buyer/seller gap. Buyers’ expectations are not being met today by their engagements with sales, and that’s why sales enablement… oh, I think there’s a slide somewhere. I haven’t got a clicker. There you go, oo, there you go. That’s why sales enablement exists. There’s more and more research that suggests that buyers now in B2B situations will buy based upon experience above the price and above the product. 

So, what does Showpad stand for? It’s maximizing those sales interactions with buyers. If you or your sales reps can articulate better than the competition what your product or service will do for that company, they won’t go and buy from somebody else. So at Showpad there are two fundamental pillars to our sales enablement platform. Number one is coach. Jeremy from New Voice Media this morning spoke about skill and about knowledge, what use is one without the other, we agree. 

So first of all, coach, this is where you have your smart, informed sales reps that go and learn. And then you have knowledge, which is where they can access content, and they’re equipped to engage with a modern buyer in a way that makes sense to them. The best buyer experience will win. That is Showpad, that’s why we exist. 

We’re over in the far corner, come and see us this afternoon, put your business card in the box, you can leave with an Apple Watch. Many thanks, I’m Jim Preston.

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