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So first my name is Izan, I was born in Madrid in Spain, so you can probably feel a lot of my for unique accent I lived in the US and the UK, and I’m married to a beautiful American wife, which by the way she’s here, Megan raise your hand. And the way you actually, let me see if I can open this right the way you spell my name is like this, so you can call me whatever you want.

So guys I have over seven years as an individual contributor, I work as a business development manager for Stud Hub, which is the world’s biggest online marketplace owned by eBay and being both the start up world you know in the trenches being a founding the DNA member, in the corporate world. But what I wanna share with you today is not about my sales experience, it’s about how me investing in personal development and personal coaching has literally transformed my life in every single area of my life. 

So today I want to share with you a few resources a few nuggets as James says, that have definitely helped me a lot ok. So the first one, we all know that we have values, but do you really know what your value are, do you really know what your positive or negative value are? You really want to understand that ask yourself the following question; what are the most important moments in your life? Right think about that, and think about what I were the values you were honouring in that moment. If you want to understand your negative values ask yourself what were the worst moments in your life.So for example for me one of the most important moments in my life the is finishing a half marathon. Probably six seven years ago I was 25-30 kilos more of what I am right now and running really transformed my life, so the values that I was honouring in that moment were challenge, determination, definitely health, and achievement. And the reason why understanding your value is very important is because it will really help you make the right decisions that are important to you. Whether that’s your family, your health, your business, whatever that is.

Secondly I want to talk about building your own strategic year plan. I’m sure every one of you guys have feelings on sales plan, business plan, but have you ever build your own strategic year plan that you follow relentlessly day after day week after week here are 3 things that really really helped me build my own, when I started coached a few years ago.

First, is investing time into working into this, read books and get people that inspire us. Two, analyse the key experiences from the last years of your life in all the areas of your life; family, friends, finance, relationships, contradiction, spirituality. Define how do you feel what is your emotional objected regarding your finances what is your emotional objective regarding your family love.

Now define after defining your emotional objective define what other milestones that you believe you need to achieve to feel that way right so for example for me to feel you know look at myself in the mirror I’m liking my body, liking my health, I know I need to run 30 kilometres a week and do one marathon a year, that’s a milestone that have said to myself and for me to do a marathon a year, I need to do X, Y, Z.

The next point is always include something absolutely crazy in your year that is out of your comfort zone. Two things that really get me out of my comfort zone is not drinking coffee for a week, I know, I’m a coffee addict. And another one that I did it during a 10-day silent meditation retreat, meditating 12 hours a day is between six hours a day, it really drove me almost crazy but you know I’m here.

Nest resources that I want to share with you that really helped me is an exercise to build rapport with people. I do it with my wife, with my grandmother, with my mum, with my clients, with my boss and it’s a set of five questions okay very simple but very important that you follow them step by step. The first one what are the three most important things in your relationship with me. You will be amazed about what if people share with you that you think you know or you really don’t know okay, second question how do you know when I’m not respecting those three things that are important for you, okay and ask them to be very very precise and very descriptive and on how you are not respecting those three things. Third what am I doing exactly that is not respecting those three things. Fourth what could I do or even prove to respect those three things. And last but not least, how can I help you to be more successful and happier in your life. Now I’ve done this with you know eBay CFO and you’d be amazed with the goal that you can find to create a very pure relationship and create as Jason said, compound interest in that relationship in the future years.

Last thing I want to share with you guys and I’m absolutely available for any questions you might have, is I’m not probably you know most of you guys are already doing this but if you’re not do it, take cold showers, okay cold showers are good for your skin, I know you everyone here probably does them, good for your teeth and good for your muscles, are more importantly they wake you up like nobody’s business okay. And while you’re taking cold showers this is a little trick that I learned that one of my coaches taught me. Say out loud your life principles say out loud the things that you truly believe in and the things that are really important for you, so when you are going through very challenging moments with that ex-girlfriend is calling you to say X, Y, Z you are going to have these thoughts.

So picture me in the shower, you know very very very cold water saying I love this, and I trust me my tone of voice is very very high right. First I love my life and I love my wife, and I say that five times, second I am who I choose to be I am the captain of our ship and I’m the master of my life, and third which are my life principles that I have defined, we’re not who we want to be where we become and we become someone through our habits, and the key of this my advice is to have that are used together to have habits that are aligned to your life to purpose including balance okay, we’re all a slave of our habits consciously and unconsciously okay. Second the most difficult people and situations are our best features, embrace them. And the last one is telling which one of those problems and always wish for more skills. Thank you.

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