Introducing Zapnito – The power behind the Sales Confidence membership


We’re excited to say that our brilliant new membership site is powered by Zapnito. Let’s find out more about these community software experts.

In order to build Sales Confidence into the company we want it to be, we want the best people, working in the best culture, with the best tools. That’s why when we need to bring incorporate other platforms into our offering, we only work with the best.

The new Sales Confidence Membership is here to change everything about what’s it’s like to be in sales. It’s the place where sales professionals can learn, grow and hang out. The content we will deliver on there will be mind-blowing. So, we need the infrastructure behind the membership site to be mind-blowing too.

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Zapnito around the Sales Confidence Membership. We’ve built the whole site on the Zapnito platform, and you’ll also see their branding at future Sales Confidence events.

What is Zapnito? What’s their story? How will this partnership bring value to you and the Sales Confidence community? Let’s find out.

What is Zapnito?

Zapnito is a community software platform that helps companies create their own branded communities. Branded communities are invaluable in today’s connected world for delivering content and solidifying relationships with customers. As much as people enjoy networking with the world on LinkedIn or Facebook, there is so much value in being able to network with your tribe. For us, that tribe is salespeople. Zapnito helps us reach them.

When you get Zapnito, you get an out-of-the-box community, which you can customize with your company branding, as well as make use of other features. Once you’ve set up your membership site, you can: 

  • Open it up to your members to create profiles and interact with each other
  • Deliver written, audio and video content, including online courses
  • Stage and record online panel discussions

And that’s just scratching the surface.

As a company, Zapnito is going from strength to strength. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, Crunchbase reports it has raised more than £440,000 in seed funding so far. Happy customers include Elsevier, Wiley and of course, Sales Confidence.

For me, what I love about Zapnito is that the platform delivers everything I need to provide a first-class experience for my Sales Confidence members. We’ve barely explored its potential so far; but as the community grows, I can’t wait to see what Zapnito can do. 

Meet Christopher

Christopher Sprenger is Zapnito’s Head of Solutions, leading the company’s go-to-market strategy and supporting current customers. He’s been at Zapnito since November 2019. Previously, Christopher worked in market research and consulting. 

We hope to get Christopher along to speak at one of our Sales Confidence live events very soon. I know he’ll be able to share some valuable knowledge around the power of the community. 

Let’s get together

It’s a pleasure to welcome Christopher and Zapnito to the Sales Confidence family. I know that together, we’ll create something that changes the face of sales. 

I’ll hope you’ll come along to one of our great events soon as meet me and all our Sales Confidence partners in person. You can find our schedule of events (virtual only for now!) and grab tickets when you click here.  

But most of all, I want you to explore the potential of the Sales Confidence Membership – powered by Zapnito. With three packages available, it’s time to accelerate your career and business growth with us. Click here to find out more.

To find out more about Zapnito, visit their site today

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