Introducing SimilarWeb

It’s time to welcome another new sponsor to the Sales Confidence family. We’re thrilled to be partnering up with SimilarWeb for 2020. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the most amazing things about running Sales Confidence is being able to forge partnerships with other trailblazing organisations in the B2B sector. We’re privileged to have great companies like Ebsta and Highspot on board as sponsors. Now, it’s time to welcome our newest partner. Meet SimilarWeb.

Who is SimilarWeb? What’s their story? How can our partnership bring value to the thousands of Sales Confidence community members? Let’s find out.

Who is SimilarWeb?

As the most trusted platform for measuring online behaviour, millions of people rely on SimilarWeb insights daily as the ground truth for their knowledge of the digital world. SimilarWeb’s intelligence solutions help businesses make better decisions around marketing, research, sales and investment. For example, the SimilarWeb platform allows you to:

  • See all your competitors’ traffic
  • Track your market share
  • Discover trends as they happen

Founded in 2007, SimilarWeb is based in Tel Aviv and their last round of funding was a $47 million Series F in 2017. Today, SimilarWeb is home to nearly 500 employees, with offices on four continents. SimilarWeb provides market intelligence solutions to numerous blue-chip companies, including Google, Omnicom and Microsoft.

What I love about SimilarWeb is that it helps sales teams understand their prospects’ and customers’ businesses. When you have that level of detailed insights, you can identify specific pain points and come up with tailored, personalised approaches.

Meet Guy

Guy Weigert is SimilarWeb’s VP of Sales Solutions, based in London. I haven’t known Guy for long, but he’s a brilliant sales leader and I can’t wait for the Sales Community to get to know him better.

Guy came to SimilarWeb in August 2018 after spells at Criteo and Rated People. He has proven track record of team management and leadership, with a focus on analytics, commercial and operational skills.

We’re hoping to get Guy along to speak at one of our events soon, so make sure you stay in touch with Sales Confidence. You don’t want to miss out!

Elevating the sales profession in London and the world

For Guy, partnering up with Sales Confidence is about more than simply boosting the SimilarWeb brand and winning new customers.

SimilarWeb becomes a valuable part of the Sales Confidence community, partners in creating an environment of success. The more information a salesperson has, the better solution they can bring to their customer. SimilarWeb gives them all the essential insight they need to pinpoint the pain and make the customer the hero.

Together, SimilarWeb and Sales Confidence will make sales less about smooth talking, and more about data-driven insights.

Let’s get together

It’s terrific to welcome Guy and SimilarWeb into the Sales Confidence community. I hope you’ll come to one of our great Sales Confidence events soon and meet us both in person. You can find our schedule of events by clicking here.

The next Sales Confidence event is for B2B Sales Leaders, at the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool on Feb 12th. Click here for tickets.

To find out more about SimilarWeb, visit their website. The data you need is just a click away.

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