Introducing SalesWorks

Introducing SalesWorks

It’s time to welcome a new partner to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about SalesWorks.

One of the best things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with other trailblazing organisations in the SaaS sector. We’re privileged to have great companies like SalesLoft and Cognism on board as sponsors. Now it’s time to welcome our newest partner. Meet SalesWorks.

Who is SalesWorks? What’s their story? How can our partnership bring value to our thousands of Sales Confidence followers? Let’s find out.

Who is SalesWorks?

SalesWorks is a sales development advisory, providing strategy, structure and insight into the B2B SaaS space. SalesWorks focuses on two key areas:

  • Inside sales – executing a remote revenue-generating approach
  • Sales development – driving best practice on inbound qualification and outbound go-to-market campaigns

What does SalesWorks do?

Not all B2B or SaaS companies have the time, resources or expertise for staff training. Or, they are great when new starters come onboard, but there is no development on an ongoing basis. This leads to some bad outcomes:

  • Companies can lose between 1% and 2.5% of their total revenue while they bring new hires up to speed
  • Sales development teams, with the right follow up strategy, can achieve conversion rates of 40%. However, without this approach, leads passed straight to field reps can convert at a rate as low as 5%

That’s where SalesWorks comes in.

SalesWorks helps organisations develop and grow their sales teams, create successful sales strategies, as well as improve performance. It all centres around SalesWorks’ 4S Methodology:

  • Skills
  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Strategy

Welcome to the Sales Academy

The SalesWorks Sales Academy is a collection of workshops that help salespeople develop in all areas of sales. These workshops include:

  • Supercharging your SDR team – A 2-day workshop for SDRs, Inside Sales reps and AEs, focusing on practical techniques and applications
  • Fundamentals of AE – An interactive and in-depth 1-day workshop for SDRs, Inside Sales reps and new AEs, focusing on practical techniques to becoming a successful AE
  • Leading your SDR team – A 1-day workshop on SDR leadership, building habits and skills based on SalesWorks’ comprehensive 4S framework

Another great package SalesWorks offers is Call Coaching as a Service, where one of the SalesWorks team will take a weekly 1-2-1 call to coach SDRs and Inside Sales reps, delivering on-the-job improvement. After all, development should be an ongoing thing. It’s not something you can set and forget. 

Meet Shabri

Shabri Lakhani is SalesWorks’ Founder. Before starting SalesWorks in July 2018, Shabri was a sales professional in enterprise fintech. 

Shabri saw an opportunity to grow sales that many organisations were not taking. Companies were spending larger and larger budgets on digital marketing. This was creating a disjoint between sales and marketing, with account management teams sitting on a huge base of accounts that they were not actively managing. If organisations could improve inside sales and sales development, it could make a significant difference to the bottom line. This is what led to the start of SalesWorks.

Shabri has many bold ideas on how to improve your sales performance, strategically as well as on a practical level. Make sure you read her weekly articles on LinkedIn as they’re brilliant.

Let’s get together

It’s terrific to welcome Shabri and SalesWorks into the Sales Confidence community. Why not come along to the next Sales Confidence B2B SaaS Sales & Revenue Leaders & Managers event next month where Shabri will be one of our honourary speakers. You can find get your tickets by clicking here

To find out more about SalesWorks, visit salesworks.co.uk.

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