Introducing SalesTech HQ — connecting industry leaders with emerging technologies

Sales Confidence and Venture Agenda are pioneering SalesTech innovations. Are you ready for SalesTech HQ?

At Sales Confidence, we never stand still. Not content with our regular events, top 50 lists, SaaSGrowth and the new SaaSGrowth Summit, our next idea may be our biggest yet. As part of our vision to position Sales Confidence as the number one destination for new sales technologies around the world, we present our latest innovation; SalesTech HQ. Let’s find out more.

Venture Agenda

To bring SalesTech HQ to market, Sales Confidence has joined forces with Venture Agenda. Founded and led by Dave Reynolds, Venture Agenda works with large organisations to prepare, engage and decide on emerging technologies and early-stage businesses.

The team at Venture Agenda have decades of experience working with forward-thinking business leaders, helping to create new products and services through innovation, collaboration, and a deep understanding of the art of the possible.

As well as the direct clients they serve, Venture Agenda also runs a number of consortia programmes with its partners.

What is SalesTech HQ?

SalesTech HQ is an innovation and emerging technology engagement programme, specifically tailored for the SalesTech industry. It aims to connect industry leaders to emerging technologies and early-stage businesses. We want to open doors for our partners, to help them see through the noise of the myriad of SalesTech solutions out there, to help them find the right moves to make in the market.

Whether it’s collaborating with the innovators to co-create SalesTech solutions, making investments or even acquisitions, SalesTech HQ help our partners find the answers they need.

The objectives of the SalesTech HQ programme are to:

· Bring together corporate executives and innovators across the entire value chain to share capabilities

· Develop industry solutions to industry challenges by pairing emerging growth companies with corporate and established market leaders

· Build internal capabilities within corporate organisations to help them remain competitive in the long haul

Why we need SalesTech HQ

There are several challenges associated with the current SalesTech landscape.

Firstly, it takes too long for large corporates to make decisions relating to SalesTech. This is because there is never perfect information in the market.

If corporates buy into the current innovation and startup engagement models in the market, they often find they fail to deliver. They are not structured towards achieving a specific goal or creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition, large companies struggle with innovation; corporate accelerators and CVCs do not build internal capabilities, as only a minority of employees are exposed to entrepreneurial practices. M&A or consolidation for most corporates or multinationals is inevitable, but it is becoming very expensive.

What can be done? Enter SalesTech HQ.

How SalesTech HQ solves these problems

By connecting innovative emerging technologies with world-leading organisations, we aim to deliver real impact and measurable commercial returns — not time-wasting innovation theatre or startup tourism.

When you join SalesTech HQ as a partner, you will reap the benefits:

· Platform — centralising all the SalesTech opportunities you have identified

· Velocity — access recommended emerging SalesTech solutions

· Connect and engage — with demand-driven innovation solutions

· Focus — on commercial outcomes for your organisation

· Limited risk — dilution-free growth with existing brands, without investing in R&D

· Go to market faster — bring products to market faster with limited investment in R&D and potential revenue-sharing from day one

· Greater confidence in decision-making — with input from industry experts

· New thinking — empower corporate executives to act more entrepreneurially, globally and digitally native

The SalesTech HQ programme gives you access to an extended network of SalesTech industry experts for structured collaboration, without equity requirements. It is a fast, economical and effective way to find the tech that will power your organisation for years to come.

Find out more

If you’re ready to cut through the noise of the SalesTech marketplace to find the right solutions for your organisation, it’s time to talk to SalesTech HQ.

You can email me at james.ski@https://salesconfidence.co/ or Dave Reynolds from Venture Agenda at dave@ventureagenda.com.

Let us know that you’d like to find out more about SalesTech HQ and we’ll make a time to talk.

It’s time to change the way organisations select SalesTech. It’s time for SalesTech HQ.

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