Introducing New Peak Partners

It’s time to welcome a new partner to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about New Peak Partners.

One of the best things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with other forward-thinking businesses in the SaaS sector. We’re privileged to have great companies like Cognism and SalesWorks on board as sponsors. Now, it’s time to welcome our newest partner. Meet New Peak Partners.

Who is New Peak Partners? What’s their story. How can our partnership bring value to our thousands of Sales Confidence followers? Let’s find out.

Who is New Peak Partners?

New Peak Partners works with technology businesses to solve their hiring challenges, with particular expertise in hiring sales leaders and building sales teams for SaaS companies.

Typically operating between £80K and £150K basic salaries, New Peak Partners excels in hiring leaders, as well as building entire teams across Sales, Pre-Sales, Customer Success, Marketing and more.

New Peak Partners has worked with some of the fastest-growing companies in the world and the VCs that back them. These organisations include Box, Zendesk and Coursera.

Finally, New Peak Partners is part of the Erevena Search Group, benefitting from their global network and reach. Erevena has 65 consultants with offices in London, San Francisco and New York.

New Peak Partners’ values

As you know if you read our articles and come to our events, we’re really interested in company values at Sales Confidence.

What’s great about New Peak Partners is that it puts values front and centre of what they do. These are the values they promote:

· Insight — Deep market knowledge and access to exceptional talent

· Agility — Mirroring the pace of their disruptive tech clients

· Partnership — Being trusted advisors to clients and candidates alike

Meet Ben

Ben Davies is the founder and CEO at New Peak Partners. I’ve known Ben a while and it’s a pleasure to be working with him in this way.

Ben started New Peak Partners in 2016 to advise tech companies on how to solve the hiring challenges they were facing, specifically at the entry/mid executive level.

Before starting New Peak Partners, Ben was a partner at the executive search firm, Erevena.

With over 20 years of executive search experience in the technology industry, Ben specialises in advising VC & PE-backed B2B and B2C companies. He has successfully led searches for leadership hires and built entire go-to-market teams across EMEA and the Americas.

When it comes to hiring, there are few people who have the kind of expertise that Ben has. Having him and New Peak Partners on board as a partner will significantly help the sales professionals in the community as they progress in their careers.

Elevating SaaS sales hiring

For Ben, partnering up with Sales Confidence is more than simply boosting the brand or winning new clients.

New Peak Partners becomes a valuable part of the Sales Confidence community, partners in creating an ecosystem for success. Organisations need a trusted advisor to help overcome hiring challenges. For founders and the VCs behind them, a consultative approach is essential when they’re looking to build effective sales teams.

Together, New Peak Partners and Sales Confidence can create a network where everyone can find value.

Let’s get together

It’s terrific to welcome Ben and New Peak Partners to the Sales Confidence community. I hope you’ll come to one of our excellent Sales Confidence events soon and meet us both in person. You can find our schedule of events by clicking here.

To find out more about New Peak Partners, visit their website.

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