Introducing Jiminny — the platform for all your team’s communications.

And now a word from our sponsor… It’s a pleasure to welcome Jiminny to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the best things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with terrific sales tech organisations. Since I founded Sales Confidence in 2017, we’ve built partnerships with world-class, high-growth businesses such as SalesSeek and Pipedrive. Now in 2019, we’re welcoming in a new raft of sponsors.

In this article, we’re focusing on a company that is making sales easier and more effective at every level. It’s Jiminny.

What is Jiminny? What’s their story? How can this partnership bring value to you and everyone else in the Sales Confidence community? Let’s find out.

What is Jiminny?

Jiminny is a platform to help sales teams win more deals by creating coaching opportunities, improving communication and encouraging collaboration.

Bringing together a video conference, dialler & SMS, Jiminny is your 3-in-1 comms tool. Capturing and recording every customer interaction across the sales cycle, your team’s performance has never been this visible. It’s like a Spotify for sales calls. No time wasted searching & downloading calls; you can easily find and stream any call at any time through On Demand, your searchable library of sales activity.

Jiminny is for companies that genuinely care about their people and want them to develop. That’s why great companies like Ometria, Triptease and Trilio use it to help reach their goals.

Founded in 2016, Jiminny has its HQ in New York. It has raised $2.5 million in funding so far.

What I love about Jiminny is that it helps salespeople get better at the human side of sales. When tech is everywhere, the way you make connections and build relationships is your point of differentiation. Jiminny lets leaders hear what is going on at every step of the sales process, then together with their people, they can look for ways to improve.

Meet Tom

Tom Lavery is Jiminny’s Founder and CEO. Along with his co-founders, Shelley and James, he started the company from zero in 2016 and grew it into something special. They now have offices in New York, London and Sofia.

Before starting Jiminny, Tom was at Reward Gateway for more than 8 years, where we went through two management buyouts. His experience and knowledge of sales, tech and the dynamics of effective teams make Tom an extremely valued member of the Sales Confidence community.

We were privileged to have Tom speak at SaaSGrowth last year, where he joined a group of VCs to talk about how startups can best attract attention from investors. He was so good we’ve invited him back this year!

Tom Lavery will be speaking at #SaaSGrowth2019 — London’s №1 Sales Leadership Conference. I’m looking forward to Tom letting us into the secrets of Jiminny’s success. When you get people who have built businesses from zero, there are always some great stories.

#SaaSGrowth2019 takes place on July 3rd at London’s Here East. Make sure you’re there.

Tickets are selling out fast. Don’t miss out. Click here to grab your ticket to SaasGrowth2019.

Let’s get together

It’s a pleasure to welcome Tom and the team at Jiminny to the Sales Confidence family. I hope we can share knowledge to develop new ways of making salespeople more effective, especially around the ‘human’ side of sales.

I hope you’ll come to one of our great events soon and meet me and all the Sales Confidence partners in person. You can find our schedule of events and grab tickets when you click here.

To find out more about Jiminny and how it can help you reach your goals and grow, click here.

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