Introducing Ingenio

It’s time to thank another one of our terrific new sponsors. We’re thrilled to welcome Ingenio to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the best things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with other trailblazing organisations in the SaaS sector. We’re privileged to have great companies like SalesLoft and Refract on board as sponsors. Now it’s time to welcome our newest partner. Meet Ingenio.

Who is Ingenio? What’s their story? How can our partnership bring value to our thousands of Sales Confidence followers? Let’s find out.

Who is Ingenio?

Ingenio are a search company that help Series A+ software companies find top-performing revenue generators. Ingenio has worked with companies backed by the likes of Google Ventures (GV) and Sequoia Capital.

They have a mission to provide clients with the best revenue generators in the global marketplace. When a software company needs to accelerate its growth, it needs more than a recruiter. It needs someone to consult and advise on how to structure and build a team. That’s where Ingenio come in. They are talented, credible, commercial and ethical and have single-handedly helped scale some of the fastest-growing software companies to ever exist!

Whether it’s an organisation’s first ever hire or a high-growth company looking to bring A-players in to boost their sales team, Ingenio can solve your problem. Their focus is Account Executives through to CRO level. Ingenio specialise in bringing their clients top performers that other search companies just can’t find.

Ingenio’s clients so far include; UiPath, Blue Prism, AppDynamics, PatSnap, Unomaly and other disruptive businesses across EMEA, America & APAC.

Meet Gemma

Ingenio’s Founder and Director is Gemma Goodacre. I’ve known Gemma a long time and it’s a pleasure to be working with her in this way.

Gemma started Ingenio over four years ago, but ramped up the team 1.5 years ago. Since then, she has built a team around her and made Ingenio one of the sector’s top search companies, with plans to double in growth by the end of the year. CROs and software sales leaders know they can rely on Gemma and her team to find top performers, while maintaining honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

Gemma takes a passionate interest in her clients and their technology. Gemma is extremely commercial and understands how sales leaders think and the problem they need to solve, which is why she always delivers.

Gemma is also the founder of a wellness in the workplace digital startup. Sophie Rason, Director of Ingenio, works with Gemma to manage and build Ingenio.

Meet Sophie

Sophie is a master relationship builder. She has established herself as a trusted partner to her rapidly-growing and global customer base, through her in-depth industry knowledge, authenticity and commitment to delivery. For her, reputation is key. This is why her clients and candidates are so quick to refer her.

Sophie is nurturing a team of exceptional consultants who take the time to understand what their clients and candidates really need – whether it’s pre-sales, post sales, direct or channel sales, what might be an A-Player for one organisation, may not be an A-Player for yours.

Sophie’s mission is for Ingenio to become the ‘go-to’ software sales search company for all disruptive SaaS businesses who share their values; Care (for their customers and employees), Innovation, Will-to-win and Success.

Elevating SaaS sales recruitment in London and the world

For Gemma & Sophie, partnering up with Sales Confidence is more than simply boosting their brand or winning new clients, as they have clients approach them daily to use their services.

Ingenio becomes a valuable part of the Sales Confidence community, partners in creating an ecosystem for success. For individual contributors in SaaS sales, changing roles is part of life. You need a trusted advisor to help you find the move that is right for you. For sales leaders looking to recruit and grow their team, a consultative & commercial approach is essential.

Together, Ingenio and Sales Confidence can create a network where everybody wins.

Let’s get together

It’s terrific to welcome Gemma and Ingenio into the Sales Confidence community. I hope you’ll come to one of our great Sales Confidence events soon and meet us both in person. You can find our schedule of events by clicking here.

To find out more about how Ingenio can help find and place top-performing revenue generators, click here.

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