Introducing GetAccept – the end-to-end digital sales room

It’s time to meet a new Sales Confidence partner. It’s a thrill to welcome GetAccept to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the best things about leading Sales Confidence is being able to announce new partnerships with world-class sales tech companies, especially ones that share my mission of elevating the sales profession. Some of the brilliant partners we have onboard include Drift, Gong and Venatrix. Today, there’s a new name to add to the list – GetAccept.

I’m excited to announce our new partnership with GetAccept, through its CMO, Frida Ahrenby. After talking to Frida and the team, it’s clear that there’s such a synergy between GetAccept and Sales Confidence. Linking up in this way will bring significant benefits to you, the Sales Confidence community member.

What is GetAccept?

GetAccept is your end-to-end sales engagement platform and digital sales room is at the cutting edge of this type of technology. 

Where GetAccept excels is in giving digital sales reps everything they need in one place – from first contact with a lead to the e-signature sealing the deal. In-between, GetAccept gives you chat, video, proposal templates, content creation and sharing features, as well as CRM integration and tracking at every stage. It helps you build relationships with your prospects that are based on trust, so you can close deals faster. 

One of my favourite features on the GetAccept platform is the e-signature solution. It helps reps close deals faster, cutting out a lot of the traditional back-and-forth. Many of the organisations I speak to have been crying out for a solution like this – and as they make use of GetAccept’s e-signature feature, they’ll discover the other benefits of the platform and how it supports the entire sales process.

GetAccept was founded in the US by four Swedish people – passing through Y Combinator in 2015. The company started in the US, but grew back to Europe, locating its HQ in Malmo, Sweden. Today, it’s an organisation with Nordic heritage and a global focus. GetAccept has a presence in 50 countries, including launching in the UK in Q1 2021.

Research by McKinsey found that more than 75% of vendors and buyers prefer to interact in digital channels rather than face to face. GetAccept helps you reach your customers the way they like, with maximum effectiveness.

Introducing Frida

Frida Ahrenby is CMO at GetAccept. It’s been great to get to know her as we’ve cemented this partnership. Frida has a long backstory in SaaS and tech, including spending time at Telia Company and Bambora.

What’s really clear when you sit down with Frida is how strongly she believes in the power of the community. Frida has used communities to build awareness of GetAccept wherever it has launched. She creates communities around GetAccept and its benefits, as well as pinpointing communities GetAccept can work with whenever it enters a new market. 

Frida believes that the great thing about communities is that when you put the time in to bring value, you get it back in multiples. You can create trust with your audience and build genuine connections. As the founder of the UK’s best network for SaaS salespeople, that kind of outlook is music to my ears!

Shared philosophy

Another reason that I can’t wait to work more closely with GetAccept is that we share the same philosophy on sales and salespeople. We both put relationships front and centre of what we do. We both understand the value of making personal connections, building trust, being genuine and authentic. The only difference is, GetAccept do it in digital environments – and we do it at in-person events.

Here’s to a long and successful partnership!

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