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Introducing Drift – Revenue Acceleration with the X-factor

Introducing Drift – revenue acceleration with the X-factor


It’s time to welcome a new partner to the Sales Confidence community – and this one is a little bit special. Let’s get to know Drift.


One of the great things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner with sales tech companies that live on the cutting edge of innovation. Our latest Titanium Partner is an organisation that I’ve been looking forward to working with for many years – it’s Drift.


I was an early advocate of Drift after seeing how it accelerates revenue generation. When I went to their Hypergrowth conference in 2019 and saw how they put on a show, I knew Drift was a brand with a lot in common with Sales Confidence. Today, I’m thrilled to announce our partnership on the back of Drift’s recent launch in EMEA.


Let’s find out more about Drift and what it means to you, the Sales Confidence community.


What is Drift?


Drift is a Revenue Acceleration platform that removes friction in the buying process by connecting sellers with buyers at the time of peak engagement, when they’re actively researching your solution. With an AI-powered Drift chatbot on your site, you can do business with anyone in the world 24/7, even when your salespeople are fast asleep. Drift is one of those tools that everyone wants to be on right now, as accelerating sales cycles and building around-the-clock efficiency within sales teams is a top priority. It gets marketing and sales teams aligned, working together to drive revenue.  


Drift works with several organisations that will be very familiar to the Sales Confidence community, including Okta, Gong and GoCardless. They love how Drift helps them provide a better customer experience, while maximising opportunities to make sales. This partnership gives Drift the chance to tell our massive community of sales and marketing professionals these powerful ROI stories.


As well as being a great piece of tech, Drift is a terrific company. I’ve got to know them very well since their launch in EMEA. David Cancel (Drift’s CEO) and Richard Wright (VP Sales, EMEA) recently brought the (virtual) house down at our #SaaSGrowth2021 conference.


A perfect match


One of the reasons I’m so happy to partner with Drift is that there is such synergy between our two organisations. First of all, we both know that the focus of marketing and sales teams should be driving revenue – nothing happens until someone sells something. Drift brings marketers, salespeople and customers together, removing the friction between them, accelerating the sales cycle.


Next, Drift is a company with leaders that genuinely care about their people, making every effort to promote mental wellbeing among their staff. If you’ve read my articles, you’ll know that mental wellbeing is everything for me. As most of us are shifting to working remotely on a more permanent basis, it’s going to become an even greater focus. Drift is also all about equity within its teams, which we promote here at Sales Confidence through initiatives such the 50-50 pledge.


But perhaps most importantly, Drift and Sales Confidence are about getting people talking. Drift is about connecting buyers to sellers; we’re about creating a community where sales professionals connect, share knowledge and have fun. The only difference is that Drift does this all in a digital-first environment, while we can’t wait to get together in person again!


A partnership for the future


We’re thrilled to have Drift joining us in our mission to elevate the sales profession. 


We’re hoping to run our first in-person event for almost two years on September 15th. Keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll make sure you don’t miss out.


To find out more about Drift, visit drift.com.


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