Introducing Clari – the sales leader’s best friend

It’s time to meet a new Sales Confidence partner. It’s a pleasure to welcome Clari to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the things I like best about leading Sales Confidence is being able to announce new partnerships with world-class organisations in and around the SaaS industry. Some of the brilliant partners we have onboard include Salesloft, Varicent and Cognism. Today, there’s a new name to add to the list – Clari

I’m excited to announce our new Titanium partnership with Clari through its VP of International Sales, Kat Hartigan. After speaking with Kat and her team, it’s clear we can bring the Sales Confidence community something genuinely special together. 

What is Clari?

The essential question troubling sales leaders is will you meet, beat or miss your revenue target? Clari helps you answer that question in real-time, whether you’re looking at a week, month, quarter, or even a year from now.

Clari was born around ten years ago when its founders spotted a problem. Companies are running revenue with outdated systems that are decades old: CRM, spreadsheets, and BI. Until now, there hasn’t been a Revenue Platform purpose-built to effectively run the entire revenue process. So, Clari decided to do something about it.

How does Clari work?

The Clari Revenue Platform provides real-time, confident answers to all revenue-critical questions about your past, present, and future – so you can:

  • Replicate past success – and pinpoint areas of strength in your business to achieve better and more consistent outcomes
  • Take action in the present – and execute with real-time insights for better outcomes today that affect tomorrow
  • Predict and hit in the future – and unlock better revenue outcomes with the most accurate forward-looking projections

In short, the Clari Revenue Platform helps plug your leaks and achieve revenue precision.

Introducing Kat Hartigan

Kat Hartigan is Clari’s VP of International Sales, focusing on EMEA & APAC. It’s been great getting to know her as we cement this partnership. I can’t wait to introduce her to the stage at the next Sales Confidence sales leaders’ event in December. You can book your seat here.

Kat joined Clari with a mission to turbocharge growth and position Clari front and centre in the marketplace. 

She told me three of the many reasons she feels at home at Clari:

  • Kat is passionate about the product. It spoke to her because, as a sales leader herself,

she can see how it brings value other solutions cannot

  • Kat reports to a talented and inspirational female leader in California
  • The culture at Clari is infectious, ambitious and overwhelmingly positive

Why Sales Confidence?

For Kat, a leader on a mission to grow Clari’s profile in the UK and EMEA, partnering up with Sales Confidence makes perfect sense.

Kat has followed Sales Confidence almost from the beginning and has attended some of our events. She’s seen first-hand why we have such a loyal following and why we have such a strong brand in the SaaS industry. If you’re a SaaS organisation looking to invest in a platform to help you achieve your objectives and fulfil your needs as you move towards category ownership, there’s no one like Sales Confidence.

Here’s to a long and successful partnership.

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To find out more about Clari, visit clari.com.



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