Introducing CD Recruitment – Global experts for IT sales talent


It’s a pleasure to welcome CD Recruitment to the Sales Confidence community. Let’s find out more about them.

One of the best things about running Sales Confidence is being able to partner up with other great organisations. Since we founded Sales Confidence in 2017, we’ve built partnerships with world-class, fast-growing businesses such as Cognism and Refract. Now, in 2020, we’re welcoming in a new raft of sponsors.

In this article, we’re focusing on a company that builds high-performing IT sales and IT technical teams for hyper growth technology companies. It’s CD Recruitment.

What is CD Recruitment? What’s their story? How will this partnership bring value to you and the rest of the Sales Confidence community? Let’s find out.

What is CD Recruitment?

CD Recruitment is on a mission to be the number one recruiter on the planet for fast-growing companies looking for IT sales and technical talent.

With offices in Europe and the US, CD Recruitment helps hypergrowth tech companies land the talent they need in order to achieve their growth and exit goals. They excel in connecting clients to ‘A-players’ that other recruiters simply don’t know about. 

Since 1998, CD’s recruiters have placed more than 14,000 rock stars for their clients, in 23 countries across six continents. Happy customers include Teradata, Clari, Zendesk and Okta.

Now, with a current headcount of 50, they are all in with Sales Confidence.

What I love about CD Recruitment is that they recognise the specialist talents you need to excel in IT sales. It’s a different sell from any other industry. For hypergrowth companies, landing the best talent is essential, and the cost of a bad hire can be high; CD Recruitment helps build those high-performance teams that get you to your goal.

Meet Brad 

Brad Luton is CD Recruitment’s CEO. He has been with the company since 1997; that’s an incredible 23 years. The fact that Brad joined as a trainee and is now the CEO is testament to the fact that you don’t always have to move on to move up – it can be done.

Being in IT sales recruitment, Brad has seen it all. What he doesn’t know about the sector isn’t worth knowing! But you can guarantee that if you’re looking to hire or a move within the industry, Brad and his team will be there with their trademark energy and enthusiasm. 

We had the privilege of having Brad Luton speak at our recent virtual sales leaders event on May 6th. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to watch Brad’s talk back. You’ll be glad you did. 

Let’s get together

It’s a pleasure to welcome Brad and the team at CD Recruitment to the Sales Confidence family. I hope that together, we can help talented salespeople grow in their career and make the right connections. 

I’ll hope you’ll come along to one of our great events soon as meet me and all our Sales Confidence partners in person. You can find our schedule of events (virtual only for now!) and grab tickets when you click here.  

To find out more about CD Recruitment and how they can help you find the right talent for your IT sales or technical team, visit their website today.

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