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Seven minutes let’s go, how’s everyone doing, alright? 

First of all I just want to say a massive thank you for having me down tonight. This is the first time I’ve done any kind of public speaking so if I do trip over my words or anything like that don’t heckle me at least until the end. It’s actually for me it’s really refreshing to see an event like this you know, the space that we work in is heavy filled with a lot of events and that take place but most of them are primarily for sales leaders and people that been in the industry for a long time, but we’re just getting out teeth stuck in now, and we’re getting into the industry at a time where it’s really growing rapidly. So the fact that this event has taken place is the first time I’ve seen it, I jumped at the chance to come as well.

So just to briefly introduce myself so my name is Hugo Howard, I’m 22 years old, I’m a business developer representative working for a company called Yext in Soho. I’ve been here for roughly about a year now pretty much dead on the years, so first year in London as well can imagine a lot beer involved, a lot of food and it’s gone absolutely rapidly. But me personally I’m actually proud to be a BDR. 

James touched on it before, you know we are at the front line of our respective companies that we work for and the amount of outbound outreach that we do, the amount of inbound that we deal with on a daily basis, actually influences a lot that happens for our respective companies. So if you look at the numbers of the pipeline generated through the amount work we do, but not only that, as well the amount of business is actually closed on the back end of the outbound and the inbound that we deal with, its massive. So we are on the front line sometimes it does go unrecognized and the skills that you learn doing this role now will only make you feel better when you go into the account executive roles and account management or wherever you end up.

So quick answer here, who in this room has done any form of outreach to a prospect before?

What about via email? Phone call? Who’s done a personalized video email? Okay well quarter of the room, so that’s what I’m going to base my talk on today. I speaking to you about some of you on the video email stuff I was lucky to be introduced to the video emails as soon as I walked into the company that work for now. So I’ve been there for four quarters and have been doing videos the whole time so just to break down a few boring statistics; I’ve made over 300 personalized video emails for 300 prospects, I’ve arranged over 65 net new business meetings for 65 separate companies, I’ve generated over 2.5 billion pounds of pipeline with the videos and over 300,000 pounds of businesses closed off the back end of the videos being sent out, so as soon as I saw this event publicized my straightaway jumped at the chance to talk here, because I knew I wouldn’t be in a room filled with 45/50 or people have been in industry and a very old school. You know we’re innovative, we want to do something a bit different and I straight away though I can speak to you guys by doing the video emails and potentially you guys can take this away with you.

So the way that I best describe it and say from that family event know if I’m speaking to a friend or anything like that, the way that I best describe it is if you’re going to look at your inbox and you’re being sold to, and you have an email for example that says ‘Hugo do you deal with this’ or if you had an email saying ‘Hugo I made a personalized video for you please check out’, which one you’re gonna check out of in the video right. And the reason for that is because it’s slightly more of a personal intricate touch that you can therefore go and reply to. Bearing in mind the replies are not always too pretty. One reply that I get quite often is ‘thank you very much for this, really appreciate the outreach, just not something or wishing to pursue right now’. Bearing in mind they left their mobile number when they left that reply, so we call know that’s gold dust here.

And then, has anyone else had the reply where it’s just just ‘unsubscribe’. So, you know you don’t always get what you want, but sometimes you’ll get reply they’ll say ‘thank you so much for the outreach really really appreciate that, you know you went out your way to do that, will happily take a meeting with you’. And then bang, that’s your job done, and that’s what we do this role for. So it spurs you on to do more. Now you can think about the video emails as well for me personally is that you can do it in your own personal style. So me either outreach by very KPI driven, very statistically driven, I’m a numeric person, whereas another person that works at the company that I work for who’s been in the exact same amount of time who was shown the exact same ropes is very methodical, very strategic, very broken down, and he will do his in a very very strategic way, he won’t send out as many as I will, but what happens when when we both send ourselves, is we both get the exact same response rate. So it goes to show that you can use your own style when doing them, and the easiest thing about this as well is how easy they are to make. 

So who said made video emails before? Cool – all you need, and this is me personally it’s a video stand, a video phone, I don’t know what they are called, the clicky things to change change the presentation. You need a minute and a half two minutes talk track about what you want to talk about, high-level, what you want the person to get out there and then usually the four or five slide presentation and it’s as easy as that, and when you start making them again really good you make one at a time, and then starting from four or five for a company, and then starting from four or five for four or five difficulties of the day, and it starts getting better and better. So that for me is exactly what I wanted to show to you guys today. I’m happy to connect with any of you after this, happy to discuss like successes I’ve seen any of you that made the videos already, I’d like to hear you know what you guys have to say about it, but would love going to connect with as many of you as possible, and share the successes that I’ve had today. Thank you very much.

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